Gokshura Benefits For Health: Side Effects, and More

Gokshura Benefits For Health: Side Effects, and More

What is Gokshura?

The essence of the Gokshura herb has been found in the Ayurvedic literature of India and also has been used in different Chinese medications.

It has achieved popularity even in the Western world because of the ability of thorny fruits and roots to cure different types of diseases and boost the immune system.

Scientifically termed Tribulus Terrestris, it has been successfully utilized in urogenital disorders, muscle building, and female and male fertility issues. Further research is carried out to understand its effects on other chronic health disorders.

This blog delves into the possibilities of Gokshura in altering varied abnormalities of the metabolism.

Ayurvedic Profile

Gokhsur identifies with the Sanskrit meaning hooves of the cow.

In Ayurveda, gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) is highly valued for its therapeutic uses.

 It has a strong, severe taste that becomes gentler after digestion. 

Gokshura can have a heating effect on the body and has a light, oily, crisp character. 

Being a strong aphrodisiac, it balances the Vata and Kapha doshas and enhances sexual health. It also has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and heart tonic properties. 

Gokshura promotes kidney function, eases joint discomfort, and builds muscle.

Altogether, it is frequently used in Ayurvedic formulations for erectile dysfunction, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and general weakness.

Health Benefits of Gokshura

Gokshura’s diverse abilities in curing various long-term and short-term disorders have been well-researched through Animal and test tube studies.

Let’s understand how Gokshur’s efficacy has been proven through the eyes of the researchers in altering the following disorders.

Boosts Libido and Sexual Health

Gokshur is one of the highly powerful natural aphrodisiacs tested by researchers in overcoming erectile dysfunction, and may help with infertility in men.

It will increase the testosterone hormone and stimulate sexual desire and potency. Blending with other herbs like Safed Masli and Ashwagandha, one can experience stronger sex drive and firmer erections without experiencing any side effects.

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Enhances Kidney Functions

It helps in easing critical kidney problems. It does not let the accumulation of uric acid in the form of stones in the kidney or gout in any part of the body.

Gokshura churna or powder if taken regularly will not let the development of kidney stones and further it will aid in breaking down the older kidney stones.

Supports Urinary Tract Health

Gokshur will also heal the urinary tract infections. Many people have difficulty passing urine due to advanced aging and different health disorders.

Gokhru herbal powder if taken in an appropriate dosage with milk will cleanse the urinary tract and overcome the infections-related symptoms which are inflammation and pain. The antimicrobial properties of Gokshura will kill infections.

Improves Cardiac Functioning

It optimizes the lipid level, removes the toxins and thereby strengthens and tightens the heart muscles. It will improve the quality of heart pumping and blood circulation throughout the body.

The bioactive compounds of Gokshur will detoxify and lower the chances of blood clotting, stroke, heart attacks or any critical cardio disorder.

Muscle Growth and Physical Performance

Certain quantities of Gokshur will trigger muscle growth, body strength, healthy wiehgt gain and development. Its bioactive compounds like saponins, flavonoids and alkaloids will detoxify and burn the unnecessary fats, enabling muscular capacity and physical stamina.

You can consume a Gokshur tablet after your meal or in the form of powder with milk on an empty stomach to get the expected results.

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Boosts Brain Function

Brain nerves regulate the behavior and actions of any person. Increasing age, dependence on alcohol and drugs and even brain injuries happen to cause memory loss and behavioral problems.

Gokshur churna or powder happens to revitalize the brain nerves. If administered daily in the right quantities will reveal positive effects by revitalizing the brain nerves and stimulating the powers of concentration, reasoning and problem-solving.

Managing PCOS Symptoms

Irregularities in the menstrual cycle and excess or scanty bleeding followed by pain in the lower abdomen are identified as PCOS symptoms. To help with period cramps recovery, 1 to 2 gms of Gokshur powder is enough.

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Pain Reliever and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Gokshur is a natural painkiller. It will remove the toxic elements from the body that cause the person to suffer from pain, inflammation, or discomfort. It will not cause any health hazards like any pharmaceutical painkiller.

Promotes Skin Health

The antioxidant property of Gokshur helps in acting as a remedy for glowing skin. Acne, pimples, and skin eruptions are the major problems with young people.

Some of them also have eczema and other dermatological disorders. Gokshur works as an effective blood cleanser. It helps in removing dirt and toxins from the blood and makes the skin glow.

Improves Digestion

It enables the release of digestive enzymes or juices, stimulating the gut’s potency in removing the waste matter from the anal canal and nourishing the body with the required nutrients. You would not require any other medicine to improve digestion.

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Balances Stress Hormones

It is the adaptogenic properties of Gokshur that help in controlling the increasing stress hormones and so relieving depression and anxiety.  Gokshur controls elevation in any of the doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha and thereby balances the metabolism.

May Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Studies have proven that Gokshur has natural potency to control the blood sugar level. So, you may have to minimize any other modern medication related to diabetes.

It will show an effective reduction in blood sugar in fasting conditions and also block the sugar-enhancing enzymes if taken after the meal.

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Relieves Joint Pain

Gokhsur is counted as one of the natural and safe remedies for knee pain or any form of arthritis in any part of the body. It has natural pain relief properties and so you may not require any other modern painkiller for any joint pain. There are fewer chances of side effects.

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Control gallbladder function

It is capable of removing gallstones from the gallbladder with its bioactive elements and uplifting liver health.

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Prevents Hair Loss

Many of us undergo common hair problems like dandruff, alopecia, premature greying, hair fall or baldness. Topically applying the paste of Gokshur 2 to 3 times a week and rinsing with any conditioner will have positive effects on your scalp and hair growth process.

It will strengthen the root and thicken the hair strands. It may support the control of premature graying due to its ability to improve liver function.

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Side Effects

If consumed in excess quantities, Gokshur can turn into a toxic substance and cause side effects like:

  • Upsetting stomach.
  • Prostrate enlargement in men and breast cancer in women.
  • It may damage the fetus during pregnancy and consumption during breastfeeding is also not safe for mother and infant.
  • It can lower the blood sugar levels.
  • It may cause fluctuations in sugar levels after the surgery. So, its consumption must be stopped two weeks before the surgery.
  • There may be risks of adverse health conditions if you are taking any other modern or allopathic medicine with Gokshur. A doctor’s advice is necessary.

How to use?

It is available in different forms like:

  • Tablets/Capsules 

You can take 1 to 2 tablets or capsules twice a day with water

  • Kwath
  • You can have 4 to 6 teaspoons of the kwath with milk or honey, whichever suits you best.

  • Powder
  • Consumption between a ratio of ½ to ½ with milk or honey is advisable.


    Ayurveda relies on Gokshur herb for preparing different organic formulations to heal different mild to critical diseases of the body.

    Its effectiveness in healing reproductive potency, sexual efficacy of men and several disorders related to heart, kidney and digestion has been successfully proven.

    It also attends to women’s health issues related to PCOS and hormonal imbalances. However, it needs to be taken in measured amounts to avoid side effects.

    Researches and studies on Gokhrusa 





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