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Ayush 82 Sugar Tablets Aadved | Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Sugar Control in India | Most Affordable Herbal Diabetes Capsules | Blood Sugar Control & Treatment

Ayush 82 Sugar Tablets Aadved | Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Sugar Control in India | Most Affordable Herbal Diabetes Capsules | Blood Sugar Control & Treatment

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Aadved Ayush 82 includes pack of 3 bottles and 540 tablets for 3 months course.

✅ Clinically Tested & Proven Result
✅ Affordable Price @ ₹5/tab
✅ 100% Organic With No Side Effects
✅ Control Blood Sugar Level
✅ Controls Excessive Urination
✅ Effective in Hunger Control
✅ Increases Energy Levels
✅ 2,54,000+ Satisfied Customers

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Ayush 82 sugar tablet is an ayurvedic medicine for controlling your sugar levels. Our medicines are assembled with different essential herbal ingredients that exude the properties of controlling blood sugar levels and work on improving insulin performance. The composition of the indigenous herbs in this ayurvedic medicine for diabetes focuses on reducing excessive thirst and hunger and the excess need to urinate.

This perhaps is the best ayurvedic medicine for sugar control as it ensures that your body stays away from any disturbance in your sugar levels. SK presents a clinically proven diabetic herbal medicine, Licensed/Certified by Ayush Department (State Government of Haryana). Developed by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS) and tested by the National Research Development Corporation (N.R.D.C), this medicine aims to restore beta cells in your body and rejuvenate your organs. It offers effective results, ensuring the best outcome for diabetes management.

It comes with 540 Tablets for 3 Months @ ₹5/Tab, making it one of the most affordable herbal diabetes capsules in India. These diabetics tablet helps strengthen immunity and boost energy levels. This ayurvedic medicine is constituted of herbs that are known for providing long-term benefits.


  • Controls Glucose Level
  • Normalizes Blood Sugar
  • Reduces Insulin Resistance
  • Controls Thirst, Hunger, Urination
  • Provides Relief from Diabetes Symptoms
  • Controls Sugar After Meals
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Restores Beta Cells
  • Addresses Retinopathy, Nephropathy, Neuropathy
  • and Improves Quality Of Life


Dosage: Take 2 tablets, three times a day. (6 tabs per day)

Timing: Take 30 minutes before meals.

Duration: To see the result, follow the full 3-month course of the dosage without any gaps. It is also recommended to make lifestyle changes like proper exercise and a healthy diet plan for medicine to be effective in a timely manner.

Note: Remember that diabetes is a chronic disease and can’t be cured permanently. You need to make sure that you keep taking medicine and maintain healthy lifestyle choices to keep your sugar levels under control and improve and maintain your quality of life.

Guidance: Follow the dosage instructions of a healthcare professional if you have any health concerns


Amra beej (mango), Jambu beej (jamun), Gurmar leaves (gudmara), karavellaka (karela), Shudh Shilajit, Excipients


  • Product Form: Tablets
  • Quantity: Three bottles in a package
  • Dosage: 2 tablets three times a day
  • Side Effect: No 
  • MRP: 2,700 INR

The results of Ayush 82 may vary from person to person, depending on their age, lifestyle and condition.

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Unique herbal formulation of Aadved Ayush 82 helps controlling Blood Sugar Levels. It normalizes blood sugar levels and helps in fighting side-effects of diabetes.

ayush 82 sugar tablets

Controls Blood Sugar Level

Aadved Ayush 82 is clinically tested by Central Council for Research and Ayurvedic Sciences (C.C.R.A.S.)


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Can Diabetes Cure Permanently?

According to Research, diabetes is considered an incurable condition which means it cannot be permanently cured. However, the effects of the disease can be controlled, providing you with a healthy body. The higher risks that diabetes brings along with it can be managed efficiently with proper medication and a fruitful diet. Even the practitioners suggest taking herbal medications along with continuing exercises. 

What is the main cause of diabetes?

Many factors lead an individual to have diabetes. These include-

  • Being overweight 
  • Not being a part of any physical activity
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Having a poor diet
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Diabetic family history or Genetics
  • Due to Polycystic ovary syndrome

Causes are many and treatment are limited for diabetes. Indulging in physical activity, consuming nutritional food, and nurturing a good lifestyle may impact your health with positive outcomes. Ayurvedic doctors always suggest to prefer ayurvedic treatment for health problems. The reason for the same is that ayurvedic medicine for diabetes or any other health issue gives you a deep-rooted solution. It may be difficult to tackle these causes but treating diabetes may not be so. 

What are the 4 stages of diabetes?

The four stages of diabetes are as follows-

  • Insulin Resistance- It is a disease where your organs' cells are unable to react to insulin as they should. The blood sugar levels rise as a result of your inability to absorb glucose from your blood.
  • Prediabetes- This second stage of diabetes occurs when you have sugar in your blood more than the needed quantity. 
  • Type 2 diabetes- When a diabetic person doesn’t control the 2nd stage, it leads to higher blood sugar levels. The signs such as thirst, blurred vision, tiredness, etc., start to show in the body.
  • Type 2 diabetes with vascular complications- This is the most complicated stage and has a higher risk of deteriorating health. It happens due to problems in the arteries and high cholesterol. 

What are the 5 warning signs of diabetes?

Being informed of the warning signs is important to understand if you have any lingering symptoms of diabetes. Here are the signs-

  • Experiencing Fatigue
  • Weight Loss without any effort
  • Excessive need to urinate
  • Becoming infected again and again
  • Having an irritated mood often
  • Increasing need to drink water
  • Getting Hungry all the time
  • Hands and feet getting numb
  • Vision getting blurry

These are the warning signs that one should stay aware of. This will help you to comprehend if you have a symptom of diabetes. The sooner a person knows, the better the treatment they can get. 

How can we control sugar?

An appropriate measure towards controlling your blood sugar levels includes keeping in check a healthy diet, a good lifestyle, lots of physical activity, and keeping your weight under control. These are the natural ways that you can work on controlling your diabetes. In addition to this, try including Ayush 82 tablets in your routine as it is a combination of indigenous herbs that help normalize blood sugar and reduce insulin resistance. This perhaps is the Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Sugar Control that you can trust.

What does Ayush 82 do?

Ayush 82 is a naturally derived, clinically tested, and specially formulated blood sugar management solution. It is intended to lessen long-term consequences related to diabetes, enhance quality of life, and help control blood glucose metabolism. Based on traditional ayurvedic knowledge, Aadved's Ayush 82 tablets are now supported by contemporary clinical research. This carefully designed herbal formulation contains nutrients such as genuine Shilajit, Amra, Jamun, Gudmar, Karela, and substances based on Ayurvedic principles to help you naturally manage your diabetes and reduce your blood sugar levels. 

What Are the Ingredients in Ayush 82 Aadved?

Ayush 82 Aadved is made with indigenous herbs that help better your diabetes. It includes:

  • Amra beej (mango)- Helps in controlling sugar levels and reduces insulin resistance
  • Gurmar leaves (gudmara)- Helps in increasing the level of insulin in the body
  • Jambu beej (jamun)- Alleviates symptoms of diabetes
  • Karavellaka (karela)- Provides benefits of controlling blood sugar
  • Shudh Shilajit- Helps in regulating glucose levels and increases metabolism

Are There Any Side Effects of Ayush 82 Aadved?

Ayush 82 Tablets by Aadved is a clinically tested and proven ayurvedic formula Licensed/Certified by Ayush Department (State Government of Haryana). There have been no known side effects. 

While Ayurvedic formulations aim to minimize adverse effects, possible side effects may occur, although they may be rare or mild. There might be chances of allergic reactions or digestive problems in your body. However, it depends on person to person. Though, from our experience, most people have been comfortable with our medicine. They have not shown any negative signs of using these medicines for diabetes. 

Is Ayush 82 the Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Sugar Control in India?

Ayush 82 Sugar tablet by Aadved is perhaps the best ayurvedic medicine for sugar control in India because it is Licensed/Certified by Ayush Department (State Government of Haryana) This formulation of natural herbs is developed by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS) and tested by the National Research Development Corporation (N.R.D.C), which makes it one of the most trusted products for diabetes. This medicine for sugar control offers benefits such as controlling the excessive need to pee, normalizing hunger, and promoting balanced energy in the body. Therefore, the reason that this sugar tablet is said to be the best is because of recognition as well as the benefits it provides to a diabetic patient. 

What is the Price of Ayush 82 Tablets by Aadved?

Ayush 82 Tablets are priced at ₹2700/-. There are 540 Tablets for 3 Months @ ₹5/Tab. The medicine is probably the most affordable herbal diabetes capsule in India that offers you fruitful health benefits.