Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Explained Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments(vector or a girl and a boy with problem in relationship)

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Erectile dysfunction leads to failure to get sexual pleasure and the inability to make the female partner pregnant. It is the problem when the male struggles to maintain an erection and is not able to do so. 

It may be due to increasing age, lifestyle problems and relationship disturbances. Sometimes, failure in life or trauma may not cause you to have a weak erection or no erection at all.

Otherwise, an erection would occur when some kind of sexual thought is flowing through your mind or physical contact happens with the penis.

Blood flowing into the penis causes erection and that would lead to the progress of sexual activity and intercourse sessions. Any form of interruption in the flow of blood in the penile may either cause a weak erection or no erection at all.

What are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Determining the causes behind erectile dysfunction will help in selecting the right form of treatment.

Let’s understand the physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction:

Physical causes of ED

It may be the hardening of the artery and leakage from the vein which may cause erectile dysfunction. Increasing age tends to cause slower metabolic activities, so the fats get collected in the body. It may lead to the problem of obesity or being overweight. 

The accumulation of unhealthy fats interrupts the flow of blood throughout the body and weakens the erection. Rising blood sugar levels or diabetic conditions followed by weak cardiovascular conditions and high cholesterol levels damage the tissues connected with the veins. High blood sugar happens to damage the nerves connecting to the penis and that may hamper the way of erection.

Psychological causes of ED

Throughout our lifetime, we undergo different changes in our mind and such changes may be positive and negative. 

The Oxytocin hormone tends to produce good feelings and on the other hand, a rise in the cortisol hormone makes the person go through negative emotions which may be depression, anxiety, a sense of fear, trauma and discomfort.

Negative emotions deprive the man of confidence and do not let him perform easily in bed.

Prescription medications causing ED

To deal with serious illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular issues, nerve disorders and mental disorders, many of us are prescribed strong medicines. Such medicines happen to cause different side effects in the body. Sex life is highly interrupted. 

Regular consumption of such strong medicines happens to make the person weak. He may not be in a position to feel sexually interested in performing in bed. 

2. What are the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

Major symptoms of erectile dysfunction are:

Difficulty in getting an erection

It happens when the man finds it hard to achieve an erection even after getting aroused.

Early ejaculation or discharge

Early ejaculation happens when the person fails to keep an erection longer and suffers from quick discharge of semen.

Lack of sexual interest 

Some men may not have feelings of sex. They may not get aroused after extreme temptations.

Softer erections

A harder penis leads to greater intercourse pleasure. If the erection is not firm then one would be deprived of getting ultimate pleasure in bed.

3. Risk factors for ED

To wipe out the problem of long-time or short-time impotence or erectile dysfunction, there is a need to study the risk factors as well. Understanding the following risk factors may help in understanding the precautionary measures:

Diabetes type 2

Increasing blood sugar causes clogged blood vessels and nerves. As a result, the circulatory system is affected. Thus the person does not have the strength or stamina for erection.

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Prostate issues

Prostate issues, Abnormality happening in the prostate gland in the form of prostatic hyperplasia may raise the problem of weak erections.

High blood pressure and cardiovascular issues

Blood vessels connecting with the heart are also linked to the penis. As the blood sugar spreads in the body, it delays or slows blood flow to the heart through the blood vessels. 

And therefore, those clogged blood vessels do not carry the blood to the penis and so it does not get erect.

Consumption of alcohol and smoking

Alcohol hinders testosterone production in males by disrupting brain function, weakening the brain's ability to send signals for erection through nerves. 

Smoking chemicals enter the bloodstream, increasing cortisol levels and damaging the tissues surrounding the penis.

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Nerve damage in the penile area.

The nerves connecting to the penis get injured and weakened, potentially causing damage to the blood flow in the penile area.

Getting older by age may indirectly impact your erection. 

4. What are the Diagnosis and treatment options?(How is ED diagnosed?)

Many of us might hesitate to meet the doctor and disclose the problem of erectile dysfunction. But as you would discuss, better will be for your sexual health. 

By determining the medical and sexual background, the doctor might conclude with the specific treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The method of diagnosing erectile dysfunction would be:

Physical analysis

There would be a requirement of verifying the condition of your penis and its related testes

Blood check analysis

A blood check will help analyze if the blood sugar and other types of sicknesses have weakened the blood vessels. 

Conducting urine check

Quite similar to blood tests, a urine check will verify the underlying conditions of erectile dysfunction and which may be high blood sugar, high cholesterol, etc.

Ultrasound test

A wand-like device will be used to examine blood vessels causing erection, with the doctor verifying the condition through screen images.

Erectile dysfunction treatment varies based on individual choice and endurance levels, requiring careful consideration of individual preferences and endurance levels :

Ayurvedic Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction

Ayurvedic herbs have been trusted for 5000 years for treating impotence, low sperm count, and low testosterone, and are now regaining popularity among lakhs of consumers.

Natural herbs like Ashwagandha, cinnamon, shilajit, kaunj beej, and African Mulondo can help address erectile dysfunction, healing the root cause and promoting a slow, yet effective process. 

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Over-the-counter treatments for ED

Supplements like L-arginine and Cialis, combined with pine bark extract, have been used for ED treatment, promoting smooth recovery, hormone balance, and improved performance levels. 

You can even get topical cream for enhancing the flow of blood in the penis and strengthening the erection.

Prescription medications for ED

Allopathy medicines like Sildenafil, Vardenafil, and Avanafil may cure erectile dysfunction but may cause side effects, so consult a doctor before use to avoid any health issues. 

These medications may enhance penis blood flow and promote strong erections, but they may also cause heart and kidney problems. Ensure the efficacy of these medicines is suitable for your health conditions.

Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Some home remedies are very good in ED, consumption of ginseng, horny goat weed, saffron, ashwagandha, shatavari and safed museli are effective. Apart from this, avoid alcohol and smoking, do exercises like Kegel exercises, Pilates exercises and pelvic curls.

It is important to include fish, vegetables and high protein dry fruits in your diet. While avocado, banana, apple are some of the best foods to naturally increase sex drive and help with erectile dysfunction. Get enough sleep, avoid stress and unhealthy food, and keep your screen time to a minimum. All these things will help you a lot and will also increase sex time naturally.

Surgical treatments for ED

Surgical options for ED include penile implants, vascular surgery, and venous ligation, which are reserved for cases unresponsive to other treatments or with physical complications that cause ED. For advice on the best surgical options, consult the doctor. 

Device for vacuum erection

To stimulate an erection, this non-invasive gadget helps pump blood to the penile area. It is among the most successful non-invasive erection cures. It will be appropriate if other drugs are ineffective. 

Penile revascularization by microsurgery

It involves enhancing penile blood flow and inducing erections by adopting the process of overlapping the previously damaged or injured nerves. To restore the injured or overlapped tissues, surgery would include making a small incision. 

Patients who may have experienced severe harm to the nerves and tissues related to the penis will need to undergo this type of invasive treatment.

Venous leakage surgery

It may be required to control the leakage of blood from the veins of the penis. The affected veins are removed from the penis. 

The doctor may decide to do surgery in certain cases of severe erection difficulties. The recovery period can range from one week to one month. It may take several months in certain severe cases of pain. 

5. New research and treatments for ED

Medical science has developed both invasive and noninvasive, safe and reasonably priced treatment procedures for ED. Scientists have made successful discoveries quite recently that promise long-lasting productive and healthy sexual promise with minimal side effects. Such discoveries are:

Melanocortin activators

It is a chemically enriched medicinal drug administered through the nasal cavity of the person who is struggling with the problem of erectile dysfunction. However, this medicine applies to the person who is undergoing mild symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy requires a thorough investigation of the bioactive components that might be harming penile tissue rather than preventing sustained erection. However, this treatment is still awaiting legal approval.

Stem cell therapy

This technique helps to gain control over erectile issues with minimal invasions. It can be through injection procedures that the person would be able to overcome the problem of weaker erections.

This therapy is about replacing the unrepairable and destroyed cells with new ones in corpora cavernosa or testes for trigger erection. But not everyone would be able to afford this form of therapy. It may cost beyond the middle class’s reach in India.

Platelet-rich plasma

It is another way of restoring or renewing the cells in the penis for enforcing a strong erection. However, its long-term effects demand further studies or analysis.

Shockwave therapy

This technique is applied to heal the arterial flow of blood through the cavernosa to the penile area.

There may not be enough clinical data to indicate the relevance of shockwave therapy for triggering erection. But one can check with the certified doctor about how far this treatment might be successful in your case.

6. ED and relationships

It could be challenging for you to face and talk about your sexual incapacity and inability to obtain an erection with your companion. But you have to tell your spouse right away that you are incompetent. If not, she might think differently. 

You might see improvements in your connection with your spouse and your overall health if you open out to them about your incapacity for sexual activity.  You must know about how your partner might be going through the stage of sexual incompetence. 

Otherwise, your spouse might assume that you are neglecting her and not caring and respecting her feelings.

Talking to your partner about ED

You need the right time and place to strike off the conversation regarding penile weakness and erectile failures. After all, erectile dysfunction not only affects the single person but his spouse as well.

It is of course a couple’s issue that needs to be addressed with discussion in the place where you may require privacy. It may be the inner corner of your home, your bedroom of course. 

You can start with a light and cheerful conversation but not during the intimate sessions and make sure that your partner does not feel stressed. Allow your partner to express her feelings for you and maybe she may come up with the best opinions and encouraging and positive solutions.

Both of you can google through the internet and check for the right doctor and fix an appointment.

In these ways, you will be able to strengthen your bond with your partner and discover half the battle is won over the impotence.


Most of the men have to deal with erection problems in some of their lives. There may be several factors. Getting into the 40’s and 50’s may be one of the reasons. 

Or you may be suffering from any chronic sickness like high blood sugar and cardiovascular disorders. You must also check if your diet and alcohol drinking damages your penile tissues or if you might have met with any accident or mental trauma. 

In situations, you need the right medical support from the doctor and encouragement from your doctor. Half of your problem will be solved if you allow yourself to open up about your sense of discomfort and failure in erection with your partner in the most intimate corner and time.

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