How to Grow Hair Faster- Best Hair Growth Tips

How to Grow Hair Faster- Best Hair Growth Tips

Hair on the scalp protects our skin from heat and shapes our persona. It grows in 100,000 follicles and can be affected by chronic illnesses, aging, and poor nutrition. 

Chances of regeneration of hair may diminish with increasing age. The person in their 20s and up to late 30s may show some progress in hair growth from the damaged hair follicles. Even in 40’s, many would be trying to find how to grow hair faster.

Premature graying is common, and excessive use of gels, synthetic oils, and straightening can spoil hair texture.

Medical conditions like menopause, pregnancy, thyroid issues, pcod, cancer, and hormonal changes can prevent hair growth. 

But before we discuss effective hair growth tips, this blog would like to share about the hair structure below the surface and above the surface of the scalp followed by the layers and hair growth cycle.

Key Components and Layers of Hair

It is about the structure of the hair which is made from a specific protein known as keratin. It is important to any person who may be a female or male. 

It helps in contributing to gender identity. The structure of the hair is not as simple as the strand of the hair on the scalp. It requires deeper analysis which may comprise of:


It exists below the surface of the scalp and contributes to the rise of new hair. It is not visible to anyone who exists in the bulb-like structure which is the follicle.


It is the bulb-like structure, white or wheatish in color surrounding the root, not exposed until the hair is pulled out.

Hair Shaft

is a visible part of the hair unlike the hair root and follicles which is known as the strand of the hair. 

The exposed component of the hair: the hair shaft is further categorized into three sections or layers which are:


It is the inner core of the hair shaft. But it is rarely found in the hair of every person except for anyone who has thick and coarse hair.


The invisible middle layer of hair contributes to the outer layer's increased strength and thickness. The quantity of protein in the cortex determines the elasticity and strength of the hair.


The invisible middle layer of hair contributes to the outer layer's increased strength and thickness. The quantity of protein in the cortex determines the elasticity and strength of the hair.

It is made from scale-like cells that coincide with one another. It adds to causing shininess and smoothness in the hair.

Understanding the hair structure and its growth cycle will enable us to deal with issues that delay hair growth, cause shedding and lead to baldness.

It would help us find effective solutions.

Hair Growth Cycle: Key Phases of Hair Growth as Explained

Compared to any other mammal, hair growth and shedding of homo sapiens are quite random. There is no specific season of scalp hair shedding. 

Researchers have found that every day, any human would have an average hair growth of 0.3mm to 0.4mm a day and throughout the year, you may experience hair growth of 6 inches.

The hair growth cycle is recognized by the three major transformations of hair from the levels of the dermal papilla existing inside the root.

The scalp hair growth cycle is explained in the form of 3 different phases:


In this stage of hair growth, the papilla (root) already present in the follicles serves as the starting point for new hair growth. 

The new hair developing from the root pushes the older portion of the same hair upwards. Every 28 days, one would have scalp hair growth of 1 cm.

This period would go on for 3 to 10 years and during this phase, cell division in the hair bulb and dermal papilla becomes frequent.


It is the transitional phase where the hair growth slows down and almost stops. As the hair bulb separates from the follicle, the follicles get smaller.

This phase may not continue beyond 3 weeks.


It is the last phase wherein the hair growth on the scalp ends and it would last for 100 days. 

You can observe a white material coming out with the telogen hair. In this stage, maximum hair fall occurs and then after it reverses back to the anagen phase.              

This is how the hair cycle goes from the anagen phase to the telogen phase and back to the same anagen phase.

The quantity of vitamins, proteins, biotin, keratin, and other minerals you consume or apply topically to your scalp affects the quality of the hair growth cycle. 

In addition, massaging the scalp with oil derived from natural sources and consuming 10 to 12 glasses of water are important for scalp hair growth.

Best Hair Growth Tips

Anyone can choose to have long or short hair. Long hair is generally preferred by women, but men also share this preference. 

However, preventing baldness, hair loss, or graying hair is just as important for good quality scalp hair as having thick, strong hair that keeps its natural texture.

The following are ten incredibly effective long hair tips for anyone experiencing alopecia, hair loss, premature graying, or baldness, regardless of age:

Applying Bonding Treatment

It is used for addressing the molecular defects of the hair. Hair shaft often gets damaged under the influence of heat, chemical treatment and mechanical issues. 

Several brands in the market are aiming to heal the damaged fiber of the hair. It is done by applying a specific pre-shampoo cream to the hair, applying shampoo to wash the scalp and hair and then later using conditioner to keep it hydrated. 

You can do it every week. For the best results, you can get in touch with a hair specialist or hair salon that may offer bond-building services in a customized way. 

Avoid Bleaching Chemicals

Chemical bleaching and chemical color dyeing damage the cuticle, the outermost layer of the hair shaft, as well as the root and cause burns on the scalp. Any chemical bleaching causes hair to become more fragile and lose its natural sheen and texture. 

You will need to trim more in this condition, so the length won't grow any longer. It is recommended to avoid such bleaching and instead try rather natural color dyes which may be organic henna, indigo, amla powder, bringraj and brahmi. 

Check the ingredient list on the package before using the natural dyes; it cannot contain any chemicals such as ammonia, peroxide, sulfate, or any other kind of chemical.

Maintaining Hair Conditioned 

Conditioning is the topical treatment that must be done to the hair every week. Regular styling with heating devices, curling, perming devices and dying to break the hair fiber and also weaken the growth from the root. 

Applying conditioning with a product made from natural ingredients will nourish the hair and scalp with the necessary nutrients which may be protein, keratin, biotin, and different vitamins and minerals.

Do Scalp Care

Given that the scalp is what holds the hair strands together both below and above the surface, treating it with the same attention and care as treating the hair is essential. 

Regular massaging of the scalp with ayurvedic hair growth oil, let’s say, rosemary oil, peppermint oil or any oil made from herbs and coconut will warm up the scalp, boost blood circulation,  supply nutrients to the root of the hair and strengthen the hair from the root level. 

It will reduce the chances of hair fall, hair breakage and prevent dryness.

Implement Protective Hair Styling

If you work in modeling, acting, or any other performing arts field, you should always avoid tight hair styling. Tight braided hairstyles, extensions, and hair clips will weaken the hair strand from the root and result in spontaneous breakage. 

This is not how to grow hair faster; rather, it will damage the hair and you may need frequent trimming. You can also ask your hair stylist for advice on appropriate hair styling. 

Loose twisting, french braiding, and rolls may help your hair stay stronger from the root and grow longer without losing the texture and shine.

Regular Trimming of Hair

To retain the thickness, texture, shine and coarseness of your hair, you would require a regular trimming. The split ends are where the hair growth stops and it needs to be cut off to improve the size of the hair. 

Use Caffeine-based Topical Hair Treatment

Utilizing coffee-based oil and shampoo would shield hair from the sun's UV rays. Coffee can prevent damage and premature greying by lowering toxins in the body. 

In 2007, laboratory research revealed that the use of caffeine-based hair products enhanced the quality of male hair roots and led to an increase in hair shaft elongation. 

For smooth, silky, and lustrous hair, even women who want to know how to grow hair faster must rely on oil and shampoo with caffeine as an ingredient.

Increase the Intake of Hair Growth Vitamins and Minerals

Eating is not something to fill the stomach, but rather something to nourish the body. Your skin and hair are the visible body parts that would reflect your overall health. 

Hormonal imbalances can cause hair loss and premature graying of the hair in both men and women. Premature greying can also be brought on by an unhealthy liver. 

Frizziness, hair loss, and allergies are just a few of the illnesses and disorders that could be showing up as common hair problems. In these situations, diet correction becomes necessary. 

Increase your intake of leafy greens, and fruits high in vitamin C, whole grains, cereals, carrots, avocados, and cinnamon. Such foods contain nutrients like iron, biotin, and vitamins E and C, which will undoubtedly improve the quality of your hair strands.

Massage Your Scalp With Rosemary Oil or Any Type of Ayurvedic Oil

Combining coconut and olive oils with extracts of hibiscus, rosemary, curry leaves, and garlic will stimulate even dormant follicles to produce strong, glossy hair. The ingredients for this specific blend are easily made at home by heating them all together and then straining them. 

However, the availability of such ingredients again determines how such an ayurvedic oil is prepared. Apply wherever you find the patches of baldness or where the hair growth is less and scanty. This particular hair oil will be suitable for both males and females.

With the Power of Kalonji Seeds

To prevent hair strands and their roots from chemical damage usually done by UV rays and polluting agents in the atmosphere, one can use a deep cleansing shampoo made from black seed (kalonji). It is one of the most effective hair tips.

Kalonji seeds or black seeds have been used for several centuries for reducing the greying of hair. Its richness in linoleic acid will enable the spreading of black or dark hair over the scalp. 

Even you can prepare a hair mask by using coconut oil, aloe vera, and olive oil along with kalonji seeds powder. You can apply it on the scalp and to every hair strand minutely and wait for ½ an hour before washing it off completely.

To more about thick, dense and long hair tips for yourself and your children, there is nothing better than consulting any dermatologist. When combing becomes difficult for you or you notice unusual hair loss after washing your hair, you can discuss your issue with the expert. 

Following your doctor's advice can help you get past your scalp and hair problems and possibly even treat the underlying medical condition promptly.


Hair on the scalp, which protects the skin and shapes our persona, can be affected by chronic illnesses, aging, and poor nutrition. Premature graying and excessive use of gels can cause early hair loss and baldness. Reversing dry, frizzy, and sparse hair and baldness conditions can be achieved with simple hair tips and regular dermatologist advice.


How is It Possible to Grow Hair Faster?

  • Apply to oil regularly with any ayurvedic oil overnight and the next day cleanse the hair with a deep cleansing chemical-free shampoo.
  • Have protein-rich food items including vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Protect your hair from the harsh rays of the sun and acidic precipitation. If you are wet due to rain or any kind of humidity then oil your hair and scalp and then after a few hours cleanse it with any good shampoo.
  • Meditation and quality sleep for 7 to 8 hours every day.
  • Apply any hair mask made from different herbs 
  • A combination of cinnamon, kalonji seeds powder and coconut oil will give the best results for hair growth. It will boost blood circulation and nourish your hair structure. It will improve the growth and thickness.

Is There Any Home Remedy for Reversing Partial Hair Loss or Baldness?

  • It is always safe to get in touch with a dermatologist for recovering partial baldness. You might be suggested with advanced treatment and dietary restrictions and lifestyle alterations.
  • As conditioned by race and ethnicity apart from influence and stress and nutritional deficiency, every person has varied forms of hair problems.
  • You can apply crushed garlic, onion and extracts from the hibiscus along with rosemary oil and olive oil regularly.

What Challenges Do We Usually Face While Trying to Gain Healthy Hair Growth?

  • Ultraviolet rays of the sun, windy weather carrying pollutants and dust in the air and acid rain.
  • Industrial pollution including the ash.
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Hormonal imbalances may include thyroid, PCOD in females and excess dihydrotestosterone in males.
  • Poor genetic conditions.
  • Growth of fungus on the scalp.

How Do Stress and Poor Diet Contribute to Frequent Hair Loss?

Increasing stress levels deprive the follicles of producing hair. It tends to make the hair follicles dormant. Further, hair structure will weaken if you do not have riboflavin, biotin and keratin-enriched food items in your diet. Food cooked in unhygienic conditions and heavy oils may not have a good effect on your skin and scalp.

Is Caffeine Products Good for Hair?

Topical hair treatment with caffeine will strengthen the anagen phase of the hair. It will facilitate thick, strong and dark hair.

Can Alcohol Drinking and Nicotine Abuse Damage Hair?

The liver is the major source of strong, dark and thick hair growth. Drinking alcohol and smoking will ruin your liver conditions and your scalp will not be getting oxygen-rich blood flow. Therefore, your hair will be deprived of the nourishment. It may start falling, thinning and leading to partial or complete loss of hair.

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Dry Hair and Dandruff Permanently?

  • Use aloe vera extracts.
  • In a pan, warm the methi seeds with the coconut oil. After the straining and cooling processes are complete, apply the oil that is rich in nutritional benefits from methi. After an hour, you can wash your hair afterward.
  • Put a few drops of tea tree oil into coconut oil and soak a cotton in the oil and apply it on the hair.
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