How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally: The Best Tips to Follow

The recent COVID-19 has affected millions of people, with the death toll nearing approximately 1 million. It had affected people severely whose immune systems were weak and suffering from different complications related to digestion, respiratory, kidney, and many more. The question of how to boost the immune system naturally has been on almost everyone’s mind in India and all across the globe ever since then.

What is immunity?

The immune system is the combination of cells, tissues, and organs that, as a whole, contribute to defending against life-threatening pathogens and contiguous matters.

In-depth studies are conducted by medical science to understand the defense mechanism of the body and how we can strengthen the mechanism to keep away from mild to severe diseases and enhance our lifespan.

We have been relying on Ayurveda since the ancient period, which inspires us to discard any form of toxicity from life and stay in close contact with nature.

There are certain dietary ingredients and lifestyle-oriented activities that can justify how to build the immune system naturally and holistically. 

Simple, common tips to boost the immune system naturally

Given are some simple preventive measures that would guide you about how to boost immunity naturally:

Balanced Diet

There are a lot of benefits to follow a healthy diet. Eating a variety of natural foods to boost your immune system with nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B, zinc, and selenium. You will find such essential nutrients in green leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, fish, eggs, and chicken.

As for people who are vegans, they can rely on soybean, particularly dairy-free products including fruits and vegetables, to keep away from stress, inflammation, and immunity-related disorders.

Drinking plenty of water

Drinking water after keeping it in the copper vessel for 8 hours would keep it away from bacterial infections, carcinogenic substances, and oxidative stress. This is one of the important points to note about how to boost immunity naturally.

It is recommended to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water in filtered form fortified with immunity-boosting minerals in warm conditions to remove toxins, stimulate physical functions, and restore the lost immune system.

Daily workouts

You would not have to go mountain climbing to keep yourself fit. Any physical activity involving your whole body would eliminate extra kilos accumulated in your abdomen and thighs.

Instances include running, cycling, skipping, and even playing lawn tennis. Such exercises would reduce respiratory disorders or any inflammatory condition anywhere else in the body and keep the immune cells active.


Practicing meditation, pranayam, mindfulness, and deep breathing exercises may help you gain immunity naturally. Poses like Kapalbhati, Marjaryasana to Bitilasana, Balasana, Savasana, and Viparita Karani are some of the best yoga for immunity. 

You can probably wake up early in the morning and practice Kapalbhati yoga asana. Exhaling quickly and energetically while in a seated posture and inhaling passively will remove the toxins from the respiratory system, alter your gastric conditions, and cause constipation problems.

Enough sleep

Not getting a healthy and quality sleep will impair your cognitive abilities and cause disturbances in the digestive system. Throughout the day, you will yawn and not find interest in doing any work or studying. You will have an unstable body and mind.

Long-term insomnia will give rise to disorders in the heart, kidney, and brain nerves. But if you want boost your immunity naturally, then you must go to bed early and sleep for a maximum of 8 hours. You can follow some tips for better sleep like- do yoga or meditation, manage sleep times, limit screen time..

Combating stress

Manage stress effectively to strengthen immunity. Cortisol, a stress hormone, helps the immune system by inhibiting inflammation, even if only for a short period of time.

Nevertheless, prolonged exposure affects immune function. Prioritize stress management to optimize immune responses, increase resistance to infection, and strengthen wound healing, as well as to enhance vaccine efficacy.

Take ayurvedic herbs

There are a range of Ayurvedic herbs to boost immunity naturally. Camsum garlic is known for its ability to fight and destroy bacteria. Turmeric's anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial effects encourage natural detoxification in the body. Consumption of ginseng fights germs. Consumption of herbal tea made from cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, and dry grapes is best for your health.

Regular bathing and cleanliness

Bathing in warm water is another way to boost your immune system naturally. It will be beneficial for those who are experiencing the problems of high fever and sinuses. Daily bathing proves helpful for heart patients. It would aid in improving circulatory conditions. It will also reduce stiffness and pain in the muscles and help in recovering from injury.

Both warm and cold water would aid in removing germs from the body, make you physically clean, and bring relief from stress. Using essential oils in cold or warm water will further aid in removing microbes from the body and boost natural fragrance and immunity. You will feel fresh and active throughout the day.


Getting yourself vaccinated against specific life-threatening infections will shield you from undergoing any form of disorder in your body. You must keep in touch with the medical practitioner to gather the latest updates regarding vaccinations.

Maintenance of the gut in a healthy way

It is necessary to maintain gut health if you are researching about how to boost immunity naturally. The majority of us need to be made aware of what makes the gut unhealthy.

We keep on eating fiber diets and processed foods which make us suffer gastrointestinal disorders and severe form of weakness. Eating high-fiber foods like oats, chickpeas, beans and yogurt would relieve stress arising in the intestine, ease digestion and regulate bowel movements.

Controlling smoking and alcohol

Drinking alcohol and smoking lower the level of nutrients in the body and make your immune system weak. Many would not find it easy to give up because they would become addicted, but it is very important to get rid of addiction. In such cases, one can take the help of natural detoxifying herbs like vidarikand, tulsi, amla, brahmi, and even turmeric. Such herbs would activate the cells, which would help in minimizing toxins, revitalizing brain nerves, and regulating addictive behavior or cravings.

Maintaining normal weight

Obesity makes a person suffer from life-threatening diseases in the intestine, heart, kidney, and joints. Accumulated fats in the body make the person feel heavy. He lacks flexibility and suffers from immobility and lethargy. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and allowing yourself to stand and walk around your workstation will give a boost to your immune system.

Visiting your healthcare provider

It is advisable to visit the healthcare provider for monthly check-ups and tests. Allowing yourself to undergo medical examinations would let you understand the underlying factors that may appear to be threats to your immune system.

Staying connected with the latest healthcare guidelines

To know more about how to boost the immune system naturally, it is always better to self-educate yourself regarding what diseases are spreading all across the globe and creating a pandemic. By visiting the website of the World Health Organization, you can verify the information in regard to pandemics, their prevention guidelines, and vaccinations.

Staying socially connected

Always be in touch with positive-thinking people to boost your immune system. Talking with people who have a good sense of humor would activate neurons and thus aid in releasing happy hormones.


You must remember that a steadily functioning immune system relies on several factors working together successfully. By following the guidelines mentioned above, you will find the answer to the query of how to boost immunity naturally. The secret to a steady and stronger immune system relies on a healthy lifestyle and being equipped with preventive measures against any infection.


The recent pandemic has made us realize the importance of strengthening and maintaining our immune systems with Ayurveda. Weak immune systems make us succumb to different life-threatening infections and diseases. But then, if we are alert and rely on natural remedies—a fiber-rich diet, exercise, yoga, and even getting vaccinated on time—we can strengthen our defensive mechanisms. So follow these easy steps to boost your immunity naturally and live a healthy life.

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