Best Ways to Keep Your Liver Healthy - Healthy Tips to Follow

Best Ways to Keep Your Liver Healthy - Healthy Tips to Follow

It is difficult to survive without a healthy liver. It is an important organ of our body because it stimulates the filtration of blood, removes toxins and supplies the body with nutrients.

Many of us are not careful about choosing the right diet and lifestyle and therefore, we often face serious threats to our livers. Either we are drinking excessively, relying on fast food, not taking adequate rest, or depending too much on medications.

There is a need to find out how we are hurting and harming our delicate organ, the liver. 

Further, it's not difficult to take care of the liver until it is too late. There are simple and best ways to keep your liver healthy:

1. Maintaining a healthy diet

Keeping oneself consumed with natural dietary items like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats will surely detoxify and regulate liver activities. Giving up processed food items, sugary snacks and alcoholic beverages will improve liver conditions.

Otherwise, these unhealthy foods will overload your liver with toxicity and impair its functions. And then you may suffer severely from liver cancer and cirrhosis. Adding curd or yogurt to your regular diet can be one of the best ways to keep your liver healthy.

Its helpful bacteria will not let any toxic fats to be deposited in the liver. It will ease digestion and promote excellent gut health. 

2. Drinking plenty of water

To keep the liver clean, make sure that you drink contamination-free or filtered water of 10 to 12 glasses. It will ease the process of liver detox by removing harmful toxins and wasteful items from your body. It will enable the smooth absorption of nutrients and thus optimize the liver function. 

3. Controlling alcohol intake

Alcohol is a poison and a threat to anyone’s liver health and function. Regular drinking of alcohol may not let the liver function normally. It will cause inflammation, pain, and swelling and impair the liver cells.

Further, it might rob off the nutrients from the liver and cause failure in liver potency and make the person susceptible to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

4. Exercising regularly

You must not tox your ailing or weak liver and body with high-intensity exercises like kettlebell swings and lunges with dumbbells. It would increase stress levels in your body which might increase the blood pressure and thus exhaust and stimulate inflammatory conditions in the liver further.

Instead, you must choose moderate-intensity exercises like walking, swimming and cycling to enable the circulation of blood and remove excess fats from the body.

5. Keeping the weight at an optimum level

You need to check on the consumption of excess fats to optimize your weight conditions by avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. You must find opportunities to keep yourself physically active by adopting some easy movements.

Further, you must choose the right diet especially enriched with vitamin C. Fruits and vegetables like oranges, kiwis, lemons, broccoli and kale will burn the excess fat deposits and aid the liver in absorbing the nutrients.

Further, Vitamin C helps in relieving oxidative stress and keeping away the liver cells from any damage.

6. Keeping away from medications and supplements

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), statins, acetaminophen (paracetamol), and high-dose vitamin A supplements are among the pharmaceuticals and supplements that might damage the liver.

Risks may also arise from using herbal supplements like kava, comfrey, and green tea extract. For the sake of safeguarding liver health, it's critical to utilize drugs and supplements responsibly and under expert guidance.

7. Vaccinations

Hepatitis A and Hepatitis are threats to liver health and its functions but are preventable with vaccinations. Such vaccinations can protect from deadly viral infections and fatty liver conditions.

Vaccinations will boost healthy liver conditions and keep liver malfunctions under control.  But there is no vaccination invented to defend against hepatitis C.

8. Regulating diabetic conditions

Close monitoring of the liver done periodically will determine any form of abnormalities existing in the liver.

Enzymes of the liver will examined with the support of liver function tests and imaging studies like MRI scans. Further interventions will deter any kind of complication arising from diabetic conditions.

9. Avoiding drug abuse

Liver cells are seriously damaged and sometimes such impairment are unrepairable under the consistent intake of drugs and alcohol. By keeping away from drug consumption, one can easily protect liver health. Chances of impairment will gradually disappear and so will liver health remain protected.

10. Avoiding unprotected sex

It is always advisable to keep away from unprotected intercourse to prevent the spread of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C or any sort of sexually transmitted infection.

Engaging in relatively safe sexual behavior and using specific barrier devices like condoms will minimize the risks of infecting and damaging the liver. It would be one of the best ways to keep your liver healthy.

11. Controlling stress

The best possible way of liver care is when you take taking initiative in prioritizing your self-care activities and participating in relaxation activities which may be yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises.

Otherwise, harboring stress or stressful habits like binge eating and uncontrollable alcohol cravings and consumption would increase the accumulation of lipids in the liver 

12. Undergoing regular checkups

A periodic check-up from the doctor and following his guidelines will create awareness of your liver health status. He would be the best person who might caution or alert you about the diet or lifestyle that may not be suitable for your liver. Examining your symptoms, medical history, family background and initial tests like liver function tests, he might advise for advanced-level tests.

13. Considering certain herbal or ayurvedic supplements

You can rely on Amla juice to take care of your liver health. It will enable the production of healthy proteins and reduce the development of fatty liver conditions. There are other herbal measures like Vidarikand and turmeric which can also prevent any type of liver disease.

Consuming chirata powder with lukewarm water will not only save your liver from inflammatory conditions but also act in the process of lungs detox..

Or else, you can select Liver Care, an ayurvedic medicine for fatty liver, made from different herbs like dandelion,  amla, bhui amla, kasni, and punarnava.. It not only excels in managing fatty liver but also proves effective in controlling jaundice conditions without causing any side effects.

Such above-mentioned points prove to be convenient and henceforth best ways to keep your liver healthy.


We are often not aware of how we tend to make blunders with our liver health and suffer from serious liver disorders. Such disorders may take away our lives. It is important to get familiar with best practices for regulating the liver in the best conditions.

We must keep away from eating anything that raises toxicity in our liver. Rather, we should eat fresh and nutritious foods and abstain from drinking alcohol and manage obesity and stress with exercise.

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