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Ayush for Women | PCOS Treatment | Period Pain Relief | Menstrual Cramps Pain Relief | Period Delay Tablets | Menses Pain Relief | PMS Pain Relief | Menstrual Pain Medicine Ayurvedic

Ayush for Women | PCOS Treatment | Period Pain Relief | Menstrual Cramps Pain Relief | Period Delay Tablets | Menses Pain Relief | PMS Pain Relief | Menstrual Pain Medicine Ayurvedic

✅ Balances Hormones
✅ Supports Women’s Reproductive system
✅ Relieves Menstrual Cramps
✅ Improves Egg Quality
✅ Effective in treating PCOS problems
✅ Manages Stress
✅ Regulates Menstrual Cycle
✅ Herbal Formulation

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Dealing with problems associated with the reproductive system? Here’s the right Ayurvedic solution for you. Ayush for women aims at addressing reproductive concerns like strengthening the uterus, relieving menstrual issues, and aiding in fertility.

This period pain relief medicine contains herbal ingredients such as Dhatki flowers (controls heavy menstrual bleeding), Lodhra (provides PCOS treatment), Nagkesar (heals infections), Shatavari (regulates hormonal cycle and enhances fertility), Ashoka (maintains a comfortable monthly flow), Arjun (controls heavy flow), Munnakka (purifies blood), Jamun (helps in overcoming PCOS), and Sunthi (provides menstrual cramps pain relief). The blend of these Ayurvedic herbs presents you with a solution that treats your discomfort to the roots.

Crafted under the supervision of the Ayush Ministry, the menstrual delay medicine tablets come with properties such as maintaining uterus health, balancing hormones, reducing menstrual disturbances, normalizing FSH & LH levels, and improving egg quality. It is certified by GMP and is GMO-free which guarantees high quality medicine. These are enriched with herbal nutrients that are effective in treating Leukorrhea, and Endometriosis. Support your reproductive system and of the women around you with these supplements and get ready to live a carefree life.


Product Name: Ayush For Women
Product Form: Capsules
Product Quantity: 60 capsules per bottle
How to Consume:
Take one capsule per day for 90 days for better results. Or as directed by the physician.
Side Effects: No
Price: ₹3,100.00


  • Supports the health of Uterus
  • Helps with white discharge
  • Relieves period pain
  • Treats infertility Problems
  • Strengthens the female reproductive system
  • Reduces Stress and weakness in the body
  • Improves Ovulation
  • Normalizes FSH & LH levels


  • Take one capsule per day after a nutritional dinner 
  • Take it with milk or water
  • For best results, continue for 90 days or as directed by your physician


Dhatki flowers, Lodhra, Nagkesar, Shatavari, Ashoka, Arjun, Munnakka, Jamun, Mouchraj, and Sunthi 

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We believe that a healthy uterus is the foundation of women’s strength and happiness. Our capsules are designed to address common women's health concerns and support female reproductive health.

ayush for women bottel and capsules

100% Effective Against

Endometriosis problems,Severe Pain in Pelvis and in Damaged Eggs or Sperms problems. Heavier or Irregular Periods, Hormonal disbalance also known asPCOS.Leucorrheaproblem like White discharge with odor & irritation along with Infertility and reproductive problems.


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Can PCOS go away?

The condition of PCOS cannot be cured but it can be managed very efficiently. The symptoms are hard to cure but controlling them can enhance the functioning of your reproductive system. Indulging in the process of Ayurveda healing significantly revitalizes reproductive health. It gives you effective and long-lasting solutions for the problems that you are challenged with. One PCOS Treatment medicine that you can bring along to your health schedule is Ayush for women. Focussed on revitalizing your menstrual health, this medicine is a solution for your all reproduction and menstrual-related problems. 

What conditions does Ayush for Women help solve? 

Ayush for women resolves a lot of problems that relate to a woman’s reproductive system. Today, many women go through the condition of PCOS. This menses pain relief Ayurvedic solution focuses on managing PCOS, regulating the menstrual cycle, reducing period cramp pain, normalizing FSH & LH levels, keeping the uterus healthy, and promoting fertility. This treatment for Period Delay Tablets is a tremendous formulation to get rid of all the problems that can affect your biological system in any way. 

Why Should I Trust Your Product?

Trust our product as it offers plenty of benefits that can treat your problems. Our products are clinically tested and are recommended by doctors for their proven results. Serving for more than 10 years in the industry of Ayurveda, our products have shown no known side effects. Most of our products are developed under the Ministry of Ayush and have GMP certification, ensuring that the product is of high quality. All these certifications validate that the product is trustworthy and you can order it easily.

What Are the Main Ingredients Used in This Product?

The concoction of Ayush for women contains potent herbs. These include-

  • Dhatki flowers-  Balances doshas and helps control heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Lodhra- Helps prevent ovary cell dysfunction and provides PCOS treatment
  • Nagkesar-  Acts as an antiseptic and helps heal infections
  • Shatavari- Regulates the hormonal cycle and enhances fertility
  • Ashoka- Helps in menstruation and menopause 
  • Arjun- Helps in keeping the uterus healthy and controls heavy flow
  • Munnakka- purifies the blood and regulates the hormonal cycle
  • Jamun- Increases hemoglobin and helps in overcoming PCOS
  • Sunthi- Prevents complications and provides menstrual cramps pain relief

Could it help with the heavy bleeding problem?

Extracts like Shatavari and Dahatki ke Phool, known for their curative properties, promote healthy uterine function and aid in treating and managing heavy bleeding issues, such as menorrhagia (excessive or longer-than-7-day bleeding during the menstrual cycle).

In How Many Days Ayush for Women Work?

Ayush for Women starts to show its effects in 2 months of usage. However, you should use this medicine for at least 3 months to see the best results. This menstrual delay medicine provides plenty of benefits that help in keeping your reproductive cycle healthy naturally. 

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Ayush for Women?

There are no confirmed side effects of this Menses Pain Relief medicine. It is crafted from fundamental natural herbs, Licensed/Certified by Ayush Department (State Government of Haryana) which validates the higher quality of the product. It is a reliable product as many women have used it and showed no adverse effects. People have different experiences, therefore, it might not be that effective for some and for others, it might have great benefits. But, it is to note, that women who are pregnant or lactating, should consult a doctor before using this medicine. 

What is the price of Ayush for Women?

This Ayush for Women supplement is priced at ₹2900/- for a bottle. One bottle of this PCOS treatment medicine contains 30 capsules.