Shatavari Health Benefits, Side Effects, and More

Shatavari: Health Benefits, Side Effects, and More

What is Shatavari?

Its worth has been identified several thousand years back which is indigenous to India and regarded as highly effective for wellness benefits.

Scientifically termed Asparagus Racemosus, it ensures fertility not only of women but revives other health disorders as well.

This female restorative medicinal herb has also proven competent enough with different aphrodisiac herbs in dealing with issues of sexual weakness and impotence in men.

Ayurvedic Properties of Shatavari

Asparagus Racemosus as scientifically known is known to possess several medicinal and restorative properties as per Ayurvedic studies.

It is best known for its revitalizing and nourishing effects. Its inner meaning is a hundred spouses it stimulates vigor and fertility in women.

As mentioned in popular Ayurvedic texts of Charaka Samhita and Ashtanga Hridyam, it is proven to be effective in altering the reproductive disorder of any female.

To a certain extent, it helps in controlling inhibitions in males.

As mentioned in the scriptures of Ayurveda, it is not only the roots of Shatavari used in preparing medications but also stem (Shak) and bud (Ankur) utilized in making different ayurvedic formulations like Taila, Avleha, Kwath, Lepa and Yavagu. 

It is known for balancing Vata and Pitta doshas.

Ayurveda further describes that it has a bitter and sweet taste and relaxes the body and mind with its cooling properties.

Health Benefits of Shatavari

Antioxidant Properties

Shatavari contains bioactive components such as saponins and flavonoids, which assist in combating free radicals, protect cells from oxidative stress, and lower the risk of chronic disease.

Control Throat Inflammation

As per the research, Shatavari can combat viral infections that arise in the throat and strengthen the immune system.

Aids in Excellent Lung Detoxification

The anti-inflammatory properties of Shatavari that may improve lung health and that helps the person overcome the problems of bronchitis, asthma attacks and various other respiratory infections.

And thus, Shatavari aids in cleansing the respiratory tract and removing breathing difficulty. 

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Immune System Booster

Shatavri effectively improves your immunity system. It heightens the resistance power of the person and enables him or her to successfully control the spread of infections.

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Ulcer Relief

Overeating or consuming fast food raises toxic elements in the stomach and makes the person suffer from acidity or gastric ulcers. Regular use of Shatavari will heal such stomach problems and ease the process of digestion.

Supports Lactation

Shatavari is effective for women's health as the galactagogue property of Shatavari that enables enough breast milk production in nursing mothers.

Hormone Balance

Not every woman has regular menstrual bleeding. Some may have scanty periods and others might have excess bleeding. It happens due to hormonal imbalances. A specific dosage of Shatavari administered daily will regulate the menstrual cycle and control bleeding.

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Menopause Symptom Relief

Irritability and upsetting conditions seem to rise in women as they reach their 40s and further heighten during their 50s. They start missing their periods and finally reach a stage of menopause- when menstrual bleeding stops.

But a regular dosage of Shatavari will give relief during the menopause period and reduce stress levels.

Male Reproductive Health

  • Spermatogenesis: Shatavari can help produce sperm and improve male reproductive health.
  • Libido: It is a natural aphrodisiacs that may increase sexual desire.
  • Hypogonadism: It is in other words identified as testosterone deficiency. The prescribed dosage of Shatavari churna, capsules and tablets may not exceed 500mg every day which can increase testosterone levels.

Shatavari will stimulate libido and overall reproductive capacity and vitality in males.

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Aid for Alcohol Withdrawal

It is not so easy to quit alcohol or any addictive substance whose withdrawal effects seem to disrupt the body and mind with upset stomach, vomiting, nausea, and restlessness.

But Shatavari herb would reduce the toxins that trigger such compulsive disorder and bring relief from the stressful mind.

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Bladder and Kidney Stone Prevention

It does possess the property of dissolving kidney and gall bladder stones. It happens to break down the fluid building up in the arteries and veins. Intake of diuretic Shatavari tablets or capsules will dissolve salts and aid in elimination through the urethra. In the form of urine.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Shatavari seems to have control over the diabetic conditions of any person. Its bioactive components seem to meet the insulin deficiency of anyone and thus aid in regulating sugar levels. More research would enable us to know how it can save any individual from diabetes and its related complications.

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Anti-Aging Benefits

It may reduce aging signs. Since Shatavari happens to possess detoxifying bioactive agents, it will help in removing the radicals from the body that destroy the cells and tissues. Such conditions become active with increasing age and make the person suffer from wrinkles and various aging signs.

But Shatavari will control the formation of wrinkles on the skin by stimulating the regeneration of cells and relieving oxidative stress. It does stop the breakdown of collagen and helps the person look much younger than his or her original age.

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Heals Depression 

Shatavari if given in appropriate dosage will alter depression with its antidepressant potencies. Results will surprise you surely as it is capable of regulating the neurotransmitters of the brain and enables it to respond with positivity.

Side effects of Shatavari

Though Shatavari is safe for many people in certain cases, its overconsumption has revealed the following reactions or side effects :

  • Increases Kapha dosha
  • Developing allergies in their skin.
  • Experiencing diarrhea or loose motions.
  • Causing weight gain
  • Interactions with hormone-related medications and disrupting the metabolism of the body.

How to use & Dosages

Shatavari can be taken in any of the ways:


It can be consumed with water, milk or honey. It needs to be blended appropriately in 1 to 2 teaspoons.

Capsules/ tablets

It will give fruitful results if taken within a range of 500mg and 1 gm once or twice a day.

Liquid extracts 

It can be mixed with fruit juice or any other natural beverage.

Dried roots

It can be used for preparing tea or any type of decoction.


Shatavari, a native herb of India is capable of healing multiple disorders arising in the body.

Its potency has been discovered not only in altering the reproductive disorders of females but also increases the sexual capacity and sperm count of men.

Its restorative properties aid in fighting the oxidative stress and cell destruction of both genders.

It stimulates the efficacy of insulin in balancing blood sugar and managing kidney problems.

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