How to improve lungs health

How to Improve Lung Health? Effective Tips to Follow

Lungs are an important part of our body and are constantly in the working process to ease breathing in and breathing out 23000 times a day. It acts as a filter organ by helping eliminate waste from the body and absorbing oxygen in the bloodstream.

Increasing age lowers the capacity of the lungs and so makes breathing difficult. Some people might face lung problems early in age.

By keeping a few things in mind, one can easily overcome the problem of lungs and enhance the capacity:

Control smoking

Limiting the use of tobacco products like cigarettes, bidis and cigars for smoking would ease the improvement of your lung health. Cigarette smoking no whatever you smoke, direct or passive. It would not let the air pass so easily and thereby cause suffocation in the air passages.

Smokers would not find it easy to breathe in or out and thus might suffer from occasional which might turn out to be regular inflammatory coughing. It may be either bronchitis and emphysema. It might put you in the risk of lung cancer or COPD.

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Exercising regularly

Your physical activity might enforce the involvement of the lungs and heart to make efforts to boost oxygen to muscles. Performing exercises regularly would make the heart and lungs work in a better way.

It would be easy for your body to work on when you are breathing and allowing the oxygen to move into your bloodstream and thus transfer to the muscles.

Following a balanced diet

A healthy diet plays a significant role in improving the functioning of the lungs. No single ingredient can nourish the body with nutrients. A combination of nutrients from different food items would help in accomplishing the functionality of the lungs. 

To prevent and heal inflammatory conditions of the lungs, leafy greens like spinach, fruit, whole grains, nuts and legumes are highly useful. Baked beans, whole wheat spaghetti, chia seeds, quinoa, pears and broccoli are high in fiber and would make the mechanism of the lungs better.

The food that you will get transformed into fuel after the process of digestion with the support of oxygen and that is possible only with the support of lungs.

Getting diagnosed annually

Connecting with the doctor will help in understanding the condition of your lungs. It will aid in identifying the illness of the lungs. You must not stop getting an appointment from the doctor even when your lungs are not in good condition.

Otherwise, you never know when you will be affected by the problems in the lungs. Regular check-ups will be an eye-opener for any problem existing in your respiratory system. You may be able to take precautionary measures accordingly. 


One might get affected by the minutest form of infection and it may be COVID-19, Pneumonia and RSV. It would rather stop spreading across the body when the person is vaccinated. Vaccines are preventable measures and so does help in managing the disorder if existing in anyone.

Staying away from external pollutants

Exposure to the external environment may pose risks these days because the air mostly these days is mostly filled up with toxic gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride, benzene and toluene and the metals that are asbestos, cadmium, mercury and chromium.

Such dangerous air pollutants wreck human lives and give rise to cancer, birth defects and different life-threatening diseases. The release of such gases in the atmosphere is the result of the emission of smoke from different sites and factories and vehicles.

Such toxic elements in the air can damage the lungs and make the person vulnerable to various diseases. Getting up early in the morning would be an opportunity to breathe fresh oxygen in the air.

Improving the quality of air indoors

Often there arise chances of getting exposed to toxic gases released into to air during cooking. Exposure to chemicals, mold and radon may cause deterioration in the air quality indoors even and that would surely damage the lungs.

The process of cleaning your room by changing the air filters, room dusting and smoke-preventing measures in your kitchen or anywhere in the space might be certain measures for improving the quality of air.

Following the pattern of Western countries’  laws, and regulations are quite stringent for maintaining normal fresh air suitable indoors, India has taken steps to minimize the effects of secondhand smoking by building smoking shelters or smoking zones.

Performing deep breathing exercises

Body movements associated with breathing in and out would help in pumping out the toxic elements and carbon dioxide and help in absorbing them from the atmosphere and thus making air passages and lobes of the lungs clean and functional in an effective way.

There are 10 deep breathing techniques that anyone can adopt to smooth his or her breathing mechanism. These breathing techniques will not only purify blood but also improve the cardiovascular functions. The most effective one is Nadi shodhana, But you must not try it during the period of sickness.

As termed Alternate breathing exercise, you can do it every day by first performing for 2 to 5 minutes and extending to as many times a day.

How to do the Nadi Shodhana exercise?

  • It is done by closing the left nostril and inhaling through the right nostril.
  • Closing the right nostril and breathing in easily through the left nostril.
  • Repeat it alternately.
  • Maintain the breathing exercise pattern for 5 minutes.

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Maintaining excellent hygiene

It is necessary to keep your dirt and infection-free by bathing every day and also cleansing the hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. Using lukewarm water during the bath will keep away from spreading germs and infections. Some excellent household items can be used for cleaning without causing asthma symptoms.

Blending white vinegar with warm water will aid in serving an all-purpose cleanser and deodorizer. You can use liquid castile soap in one part and water in two parts with a few drops of any essential to prepare your handwash.

Depending on the capacity of your immune system, you need to manage your hygiene. Wearing a mask will prevent it from spreading any further infection. Social distancing will further add to protection during higher rates of infection.

Undergoing low-dose CT scans

It is applicable for those lung patients who are revealing the signs of lung cancer. There will be fewer chances of death if in any case lung cancer is detected.

It will help the doctors in diagnosing the stage of lung cancer and make them make appropriate treatment decisions. However, not every case of lung cancer might require a test or examination.


The lungs are the main organs that aid in regulating the breathing mechanism and managing the disposal of wastes and absorption of oxygen throughout the body. Therefore, it protects our lungs from the influence of any form of infection.

Increasing age is another factor that lessens the capacity of the lungs. Avoiding smoking, eating a balanced diet and getting regular checkups, using vaccinations and low-dose CT scans would add to better lung conditions.

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