Home Remedies for Throat Infection

Home Remedies for Throat Infection

Sore throat or throat infection should not be too taken lightly. It all starts with the irritation of the throat and causes discomfort during chewing and swallowing food items. It is due to redness of the tonsils followed by inflammation and discharge of pus.  Neglecting it for a long period of time can spread to the ear, blood, nose and also brain. One of the primary causes of throat infection is viral infection which leads to viral fever.


Ayurvedic remedies for throat infection have proven to be far more effective than modern antibiotics.


With the support of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, we can find relief for some time from throat infection. Such prescribed infections may suppress the symptoms of the throat infection but may not fully cure.

But firstly, we need to understand how the throat gets infected. 


Causes of throat infection


Causes of throat infection

Apart from common cold and fever leading to throat infection, other factors are:


    • Coming in contact with different people, one may get infected with a virus. It is how when one suffers from chicken pox. Sore throat or throat infection is one of the symptoms apart from decrease in appetite, cough and headache. 
    • Coronavirus is a deadly viral condition which happens to damage the respiratory tract with infection and make the person suffer from sneezing, coughing, fever and difficulty to breathe in. It makes the throat suffer from infection. 


    Measle rashes occur in the sore throat area which can last for 5 to 7 days. It can be red, inflammatory and painful. It makes it difficult for the person to take any food inside the mouth and swallow.


      • After eating fried food itemsdrinking contaminated water and soft drinks, one feels uneasy in the throat. That’s how the throat infection takes off. 
      • It is also gastroesophagal reflux disease that makes the person difficult to chew or eat anything. The presence of a lump makes it difficult to swallow anything.


      Ayurveda has been a source of relief for people who have been dealing with different chronic diseases. It evolved 3000 years ago in the Indian subcontinent and has been gaining popularity among the people all across the world.


      Reasons of Popularity of Ayurveda


        • Compared to allopathic medicines, ayurveda has been very effective in healing the disorders from the root level. Its products are made from natural herbs and organic elements.  In the exceptional cases, certain metals are used in the composition. These metals are zinc, lead, mercury, gold, silver and copper.
        • Allopathic medicines are known for treating the symptoms. On the other hand, ayurvedic medicine proves to be effective in healing the disease or disorder from the root level and bringing balance in aakasha, vayu, agni, apas and prithvi.
        • Promoting longevity.
        • Causing no side effects.


        What are the Ayurvedic Remedies for Throat Infection?


        Ayurvedic Remedies for Throat Infection

        Drink hot water with or without adding herbal tea bags. Herbal tea bags are easily available in the market. You will feel comfortable after some time. You will find relief from inflammation, pain and discomfort after sometime. 


        (A). Best tea bags in form of ayurvedic remedies for throat infection


          • Taking licorice tea in moderate amounts will stop spreading throat infection further. It will have a revitalizing effect on your sore throat condition. It will control inflammation and pain in the throat and bring relief from headache and illness. 
          • Drinking chamomile tea will reduce the sores in the throat with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Resultantly, it will reverse infection and control coughing. 
          • Use a turmeric tea bag in lukewarm water or add turmeric powder in boiling water. You can use honey for taste and reduce the level of toxicity in the body. This combination will help in fighting the infection arising from sore throat and strengthen your immune system


        (B). Use steam therapy with or without adding herbs for inhaling.


        Firstly, apply heat in the water as long it does not start steaming. Then, add few herbs in it. It can be either basil, eucalyptus, mint or thyme. It can be one of the effective ayurvedic remedies for throat infection with following benefits:   


          • Cleanses the respiratory tract.
          • Reduces the sores in the tonsil area along with inflammation and pain.
          • Unblock the nasal passage.
          • Revitalizes the mind and brings freshness.
          • Controls joint pain as well.


        (C). Use warm and soft food items for smooth recovery from throat infection.


        Such ayurvedic remedies for throat infection are given below :


          • Eat boiled potatoes with black pepper and a little bit of table salt.
          • Have dalia khichri or porridge in your breakfast diet along with carrot, onions and peas. You can also add dhania or coriander leaves for taste and also quick healing effect from sore throat infection. You must eat them hot !
          • Have spinach and garlic soup for a better soothing effect for your throat.
          • Serve yourself and bring relief to your throat infection with a glass of hot milk in the morning or during night.


          There are some more instances for improving your sinus and throat condition. Such instances also form a part of ayurvedic healing.

          Other Ayurvedic Remedies for Throat Infection


          Other Ayurvedic Remedies for Throat Infection
            • Gargling with lukewarm water using turmeric and salt. It will have an anti-inflammatory effect on your oral health. It will reduce the swelling and soothe the passage of the esophagus. Using basil or tulsi leaves, honey and ginger will have better results on bronchitis and asthma. 
            • Using laung along with rock salt will be also one of the superb ayurvedic remedies for throat infection.  Take it inside your mouth. The condition of your infected throat will improve with absorption inside your mouth. 
            • Involve yourself in breathing exercises or light workouts daily. It can be one of the effective home remedies for throat infection. You can join any yoga institute and practice pranayama. It will increase the level of oxygen in your body and bring relief from sinus, oral infection and bad breath. It will cleanse the respiratory tract. 


            Steps of performing pranayama for throat infection


            Steps of Performing Pranayama for Throat Infection
              • Sit in a meditative posture.
              • Inhale from one side of the nostril.
              • Exhale from the other part.
              • You can also use your mouth for exhaling by exposing your tongue.
              • Do it every five seconds of interval.


              People have been using these above-mentioned ayurvedic remedies for throat infection since ages. And have found steady relief from the short term or long term throat infection and sinuses. Compared to painkillers and allopathic medicines, you may not have instant results.


              But will be effective for a long period. Further, you must see that you are not neglecting your health. You must be cautious during exposure to the outside environment. Using a mask for covering your face is recommended while going out. It will act as a defence against exposure and infection by different life threatening microscopic organisms.


              You can have normal tea or coffee but you must limit yourself to all these caffeine enriched drinks. You must also stay away from alcohol and smoking. Avoid taking food from outside. Have home made food items as much as possible.


              Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water and take enough rest. Consequently, you will find dealing with throat infection convenient and lead a healthy life with a strong immune system with your family.



              Suffering from a sore throat or sinus is not at all a light issue. It causes pain and inflammation during eating along with discomfort and also headache. Use suitable medication for relief from it. There are different allopathic solutions found in the market.


              However, use the ayurvedic remedies for throat infection available at home. There are some age-old remedial measures in the form of herbal tea, vegetable soup, steam therapy and yoga. You will get better results compared to any allopathic measure. All these remedies prove to be anti inflammatory, anti oxidant and increase the level of oxygen in your body. You will definitely get a new lease of life.


              Frequently Asked Questions


              Frequently Asked Questions throat infection

              Q1. How can I heal my throat infection fast?


                • For faster results, you can gargle using lukewarm water along with salt. It is one of the best ayurvedic remedies for throat infection. 2)
                • Wrap your neck and be indoors for sometime after the act of gargling. It is recommended before you actually go to sleep
                • Add basil or tulsi or eucalyptus and guava leaves in lukewarm water for better results. 


                Q2. How can I cure my throat naturally?


                Ans: There are immediate remedial measures for curing your sore throat.

                  • Go for steam bath
                  • Gargle using lukewarm water and salt.
                  • Take herbal tea regularly.
                  • Drink hot water whenever you feel uncomfortable in the throat.

                  Using any or all these  symptoms, you will have an infection free throat and relief from sinus.


                  Q3. What kills infection in the throat?


                  Ans: Act of gargling with lukewarm salt water will reduce the bacterial infection in the throat and reduce your viral fever. 


                  Q4. How long will throat infection last? 


                  Possibly, it will vanish within a week. Meanwhile, you must be cautious about your diet and exposure to the environment. Eat home made food items. Eating boiled potatoes with black pepper and salt and drinking tea enriched with black pepper, dalchini, saunth and tulsi will remove the toxins and reboost your energy level. Take plenty of rest.


                  Q5. Can a throat infection be cured without medicine?


                  Ans: It can be controlled in the initial stage:

                    • By drinking hot water.
                    • Drinking apple juice.
                    • Gargle several times a day with lukewarm water with salt.
                    • Wearing masks in the outside environment.
                    • Taking ginger and laung for oral consumption.
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