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Addiction Killer Liquid | Alcohol Stop Medicine | Nasha Mukti Medicine | Medication to Stop Drinking | Stop Drinking Alcohol Ayurvedic Medicine | Anti Alcohol Drops

Addiction Killer Liquid | Alcohol Stop Medicine | Nasha Mukti Medicine | Medication to Stop Drinking | Stop Drinking Alcohol Ayurvedic Medicine | Anti Alcohol Drops

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Addiction Killer Liquid, also known as Addiction Killer Ark or Drops, contains over 15 special Ayurvedic herbs and spices blended together. It helps to get rid of addictions like alcohol, nicotine, tobacco, drugs and other harmful substances. This special mixture has no side effects and helps people to stop those habits.

It is a carefully designed solution that helps in overcoming addictions and lets you live in a natural and healthy way without those bad habits. It is approved by Ministry of Ayush and is GMP and ISO certified. It has helped more than 2 lakh people.


Product Form: Liquid

Quantity: 3 bottles, 30ml each

Dosage: 10-15 drops, 2 times a day

Side Effects- No

Price- ₹ 3,100.00


  • Effectively Curbs Drug Cravings
  • Supports Holistic Addiction Recovery
  • Supports Liver Health
  • Increases Vitality and Energy
  • Promotes Calm Sleep Patterns
  • Boosts Immunity Naturally
  • Helpful in Stress Management
  • Helpful in Smooth Digestion


  • It is natural and colorless, so, if you want to give it secretly to an addict then its easy.
  • It can be mixed with juice, water, tea, and milk.
  • Use 10-15 drops in one time.
  • The mixture is ready to use.


Vidarikand, Ajwain, Jaiphal, Punarnava, Haritaki, Capsicum, Malus, Turpeth, Ginger, Ashwagandha, Arjun, Shatavari, Fennel, Indian Snakeroot, Pili Satawar, Kutki, Clove, Shilajit, and Pippali

The results of Addiction Killer may vary from person to person, depending on their age, lifestyle and condition.

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Addiction killer Medicine - No Smoking Medicine | 100% Safe and Natural.


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What is Addiction Killer Ark?

Addiction Killer Liquid, also known as Addiction Killer Ark or Drops, is a unique and tested formula made from over 15 Ayurvedic herbs, and spices. Specially designed to deal with various addictions like smoking, alcohol and other drugs, it is a side effect-free solution for individuals seeking freedom from harmful habits.

What Are the Benefits of Addiction Killer Liquid?

Addiction Killer Drops effectively reduces drug cravings, promotes abstinence from alcohol and tobacco, aids digestion and manages stress levels. Additionally, it promotes deep, restful sleep, strengthens immunity, increases vitality and maintains stable energy levels. This Ayurvedic blend is not just about overcoming addiction; It is a comprehensive approach to a healthy, balanced life.

How to Use Addiction Killer liquid?

Using Addiction Killer Liquid is very simple. Just mix 10-15 drops of it in water, juice or milk and give it to the person to drink after meals. And because of its secretive, tasteless and colorless form, you can even secretly give it to an addict.It is advisable to consult your doctor before use if you are taking prescription medicine for any health condition.

Does Addiction Killer Drops Work?

Addiction Killer Liquid is an Ayurvedic formula, so it works slowly. And because effectiveness varies from person to person, some people get results in a short time from addiction, while others may take time to reap the benefits. Patience is key, as the holistic nature of this approach addresses addiction at its roots, providing a possible path to recovery. Duration of recovery addiction may vary depending on lifestyle choices of the addict like diet, physical activities, etc…

What Are the Ingredients In Addiction Killer liquid?

Addiction Killer Liquid contains a blend of 19 ingredients which include Malus, Ajwain, Haritaki, Bell Pepper, Ginger, Indian Kudzu, Satavari, Punarnava, Ashwagandha, Fennel, Shilajit, Indian Snakeroot, Satavar, Turpeth, Arjun Vriksha, Kutki, Clove . Myristica aroma, and long pepper. This unique formula combines herbs, and spices for a holistic approach to help the affected person get rid of addiction to harmful substances.

What are the Side Effects of Addiction Killer Liquid?

As of now, Addiction Killer Liquid has no proven or registered side effects. However, sometimes vomiting or nausea may occur. It is important to note that individual reactions vary, and if any other concerns arise, it is advisable to consult a health care professional for guidance.