What is Premature Ejaculation Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and more

What is Premature Ejaculation? Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and more

Premature ejaculation, affecting 1 in 3 men, can cause low sperm count and prevent partners from becoming pregnant or impotent. Despite initial hesitation, one must visit the doctor and disclose the problem.

This is because sex-related issues or disorders may not disappear naturally. A specialist can determine the cause and provide appropriate treatment, ensuring men can enjoy a healthy sexual experience

1. What is premature ejaculation?

It is about losing control over the erection or erection turning weak and discharge of semen within one minute of insertion. In this situation, any male may have early orgasms and he and his partner are not able to enjoy the sexual performance further.

The major sign of premature ejaculation is when the male does not have enough endurance to hold the penis longer.

Different factors or causes give rise to the problem of premature ejaculation which has undergone critical studies and analysis.

2. Causes of PE

Premature ejaculation in other words known as early ejaculation is a condition of a man when he is not able to perform sexual intercourse for a long time. He would be experiencing quick discharge of semen within a minute of minimal penetration or just at the beginning of sexual performance.

The exact cause of premature ejaculation still needs further studies. Yet, there are psychological, physical and biological factors leading to.

2.1 Psychological factors

It is related to your mental health when you might be upset, worried, undergoing stress concerning finances and lack of communication with your partner.  Lack of compatibility might be raising your level of depression and causing anxiety. 

2.2 Biological factors 

It may be related to the problem of aging which might be reducing your interest in sexual activity. Growing age has a regressive impact on reproductive hormones. You might face a downfall in your testosterone levels and sperm count.

2.3 Lifestyle conditions

High levels of dependence on alcohol and nicotine happen to weaken the penile nerve and that causes weak erection and early ejaculation.

2.4 Family background

You might have inherited the problem of premature ejaculation from any family member. Someone in your blood relations might have or might be undergoing a similar problem like this.

2.5 State of hypersensitivity and sense of anguished

An increased level of arousal brought on by anxiety and hypersensitivity might cause an early ejaculation. Anguish increases stress, which makes it harder to unwind and enjoy sex. This combination may cause early ejaculation and decreased enjoyment by upsetting the normal rhythm of sexual activity.

2.6 Habit of masturbating 

Performing the act of self-pleasure often kills the desire to perform actual sexual activity with the partner. 

2.7 Medications 

Medicines prescribed for hypersensitivity, depression and diabetes weaken the penile nerves and cause erectile dysfunction. Such medicines need to be taken under a doctor’s supervision to avoid disruption in sexual ability.

2.8 Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

Signs of premature ejaculation arise in any man due to:

  • Discharge of semen within one minute of insertion.
  • Lack of libido
  • Inability to gain control over weak erection
  • Facing competence in delaying ejaculation
  • Fear of failure or loss of confidence, depression 
  • Embarrassment 
  • Refusing sexual performance
  • Distancing from partner

Occasional premature ejaculation is not a matter of concern but if it is frequently occurring then one must undergo treatment

3. Premature Ejaculation Risk Factors

You must be alert to certain risk factors which might cause premature ejaculation. It may be: 

3.1 Psychological factors 

3.1.1 Stress

It can get so much heavy on your mind that you will fail to focus on your performance.

3.1.2 Anxiety

It leads to a heightened state of excitement and in this situation, any male may have difficulty in maintaining the erection time longer. One faces the problem of low stamina and early ejaculation

3.1.3 Depression

Thoughts of failure crossing your mind weaken your brain nerves, and you may suffer from depression.

3.1.4 Relationship issues

An unstable relationship may weaken your mind. Regular conflicts or communication problems may discourage you from getting hold of your erection and may lead to early discharge.

3.2 Physical factors

3.2.1 Hormonal imbalances

A long-lasting erection and intercourse sessions depend on the rise of the testosterone hormone. It all depends on the intensity of enough blood flow through which testosterone passes into targeted cells of the male reproductive organ. Irregular circulatory system and deficiency of blood might stop the secretion of testosterone. As a result, you may suffer from hormonal imbalance. 

3.2.2 Erectile dysfunction

If you are not able to keep your erection holding for more than a minute and discharging at that moment.

3.2.3 Prostrate problem

Disorder in the prostrate glands which may be in the form of inflammation and uneasiness can make you lose control over your erection and ruin your intercourse session by causing early discharge.

3.3 Lifestyle factors

3.3.1 Alcohol consumption

Regular alcohol drinking may make the penile nerves weak and would not let the erection happen.

3.3.2 Smoking 

Nitric oxide is known to make the erection stronger by stimulating quick blood flow into blood vessels. But smoking lowers the nitric oxide and that can weaken your erection.

3.3.3 Sedentary lifestyle

If you are lethargic and not exercising regularly then you may experience a weak erection and early discharge. There is always a 99 percent chance of gaining weight through the sedentary habit. Excessive fats accumulated in the body may interrupt the flow of blood in the penile area and cause a weak erection.

4. Premature Ejaculation Diagnosis

The certified health practitioner would progress with premature ejaculation diagnosis after determining the frequency of premature ejaculation and perform:

4.1 Blood Tests

To monitor the hormone levels

4.2 Neurological tests

To examine the condition of nerves.

4.3 Counseling

Studying the mental drawbacks causing obstacles in the way of longer time performance.

5. Premature Ejaculation Home Remedies

There are some effective home remedies for PE:

5.1 Exercises

You can perform kegel exercises to improve your pelvic muscles. It will help in increasing the time of your intercourse session. You can engage in the start and stop technique to gain control over holding and orgasm time.

5.2 Yoga

In your daily lifestyle, Include yoga for better sex performance You can raise your lower abdomen by lying down on your back and performing setu bandh asana or raising and flexing your feet and performing ananda balasana. It will aid in improving the circulation of blood in the lower part of your body and increase your erection time.

5.3 Herbs 

Stress and anxiety happen to hamper your sexual health and can cause incompetence in performing in bed. Consumption of ashwagandha and even African Mulondo herb know as natural aphrodisiacs, will eliminate stress and make your erection stronger and longer. Such herbs will nourish your health with required nutrients like zinc and magnesium and heighten your libido.

5.4 Diet

Relying on a healthy diet rich in magnesium, zinc and different minerals would help in improving your sexual potency and stamina to hold the erection for a longer time. Eating wholegrains, vegetables and fruits will help you gain such required nutrients and renew your confidence and endurance to extend the performance period.

6. Treatment Options for PE

Though premature ejaculation may not be harmful to a man’s health if it is not treated on time then it can cause psychological setbacks. He might develop an inferiority complex and feel incompetent to talk to his partner.

It can disrupt the intimacy between the partners.

Seeking the following treatment options might lead to the enhancement of sexual pleasure and fulfillment:

6.1 Applying the start and stop technique

It is one of the behavioral therapies that will help you to hold on to your sexual feelings and erection. You will be pausing when you are close to the climax and again resuming when your sex drive will be receding.

6.2 Counseling 

Talking to any professional expert will help identify the symptoms and exact cause of your PE. 

6.3 Medications

You may be prescribed advanced levels of antidepressants and topical anesthetics. However, there are always risks of side effects. You can take support of ayurvedic medicines for better sexual performance, made from natural antidepressants or natural steroids like Ashwagandha, African Mulondo, Kaunj beej and Himalayan Shilajit.

Such organic herbs will have long-lasting effects on your sexual and reproductive health and help you gain strong muscles and thick and long manhood size.

6.4 Lifestyle alterations

You should improve your sleep quality as  your body would require at least 7 hours of sleep, 15 minutes of exercise and a balanced diet. Quitting smoking and alcoholism will help in the elimination of stress and boost faster recovery from early ejaculation.

7. Ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation

Instead of using over-the-counter sprays and numbing creams for boosting ejaculation, it is safe to use Liv Muztang ayurvedic medicine.

It will help you experience for a longer time with a stronger erection, an increase in the size and girth of the penis, high stamina and intense orgasm.

The ayurvedic composition of Liv Muztang capsules like Mulondo, Ashwagandha and Shudh Akarkara will help you to fulfill your innermost desires and make you stress-free.

You must have one capsule daily at night before going to bed with lukewarm milk for effective results.

8. When to see the doctor?

You must consult the problem of premature ejaculation when:

  • You are consistently suffering from premature ejaculation
  • You are not able to discuss or hesitate to open up with your spouse.
  • You are not finding interest in sexual activity.

9. Conclusion

Nearly 1 in every 3 males are affected with premature ejaculation. It requires the immediate attention of a doctor with medications and counseling if you are suffering from it for a long period.

Otherwise, it will make your life miserable with detachment and separation from your partner. You can improve your quality of sexual performance by practicing behavioral techniques, talking to any doctor and taking ayurvedic aphrodisiac herbs.

Stress is the major root cause of Premature ejaculation and it can be controlled with positive thoughts and actions.

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