Foods to Increase Sex Drive Naturally

20+ Foods For Long Time Sex - Improve Sex Drive Naturally

Wants to know the best sex time increase food that can boost your sex drive naturally? Attempting to improve sex life in the best possible way is a natural instinct of life. Just as food is important for building the body, so is healthy sex which is the necessity of life because it revitalizes the mind and body. Psychologists do confirm it as the best physical exercise. To have long-lasting sexual activity, you would have that excitement and yearn for erotic pleasure. It is the sex drive that is clinically termed as libido.

That’s what many tend to lose as the hormone level goes down with increasing age. It is quite difficult to keep up to the same levels of energy to satisfy the partners.

Other factors that may lower the libido are inadequate rest, insomnia, lack of proper food intake and side effects arising from medications. Experiencing low libido may vary from person to person.

Researchers have been able to find the right foods that may increase the libido and improve the quality of sex life

Here are some of sex time increase foods:

1. Avocados


Though still expensive in India, it happens to nourish the body with nutrients like vitamins, minerals and various revitalizing natural compounds to lower the risks of weak erections and early ejaculations in men.

It makes the man responsive in a sexual way. It increases the time of performance and improves the semen and its motility with the richness of Vitamin E. It improves the functions of the uterus and makes the females capable of conceiving naturally.

How to eat Avocado?

You can scoop out the flesh from the fruit after dividing it into two halves with a sharp knife. But make sure that it is ripe enough to be eaten.

You can spread it on the toast and use it as one of the salad items by blending it with tomatoes, lime juice, garlic and onions.

2. Bananas


Bananas have been always popular among men for increasing testosterone and sperm count. It is because of the richness of zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and above all higher amounts of potassium. And this one of the effective long time sex foods for men.

How to take bananas?

Avoid eating raw ones without boiling and cooking them properly. Otherwise, you may fall sick and suffer from constipation and stomach disorders.

Eating two ripe bananas is advisable for both men and women.

3. Apples

Apples in basket

Apple is one such fruit that many would be unaware of its unbelievable libido-boosting abilities. Researchers have concluded that it not only improves the stamina of men but boosts the flow of blood in the genital area of females which leads to arousal or libido. An apple a day involves both genders actively participating in sex.

How to eat Apples?

An apple a day is enough to boost your sex life. Or else, you can also have apple juice on daily to keep your testosterone level high and active.

4. Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts

Without no doubt, brzil nuts are best long time sex foods that has been found with higher amounts of selenium, known for enhancing testosterone levels and boosting your immunity. It has enough proteins which help in building muscles and nourishing them with vitamin E, calcium and zinc. It brings relief from stress and boosts sexual desire in men. It also serves as a hormone-balancing food for women.

How to take Brazil nuts?

You can either take 2 Brazil nuts or increase the quantity depending on your appetite and combine them with other nuts to deal with low stamina and recover from low sex drive.

5. Carrots


It is an orange-colored modified root with richness in beta carotene, which helps in improving the sperm count and increasing the performance time. It speeds up the flow of blood in the genitals and enhances libido.

How to take Carrots?

Most people prefer eating it raw as it becomes highly beneficial for body and mind and improves stamina.

Blending with other vegetables and preparing salads or curry will also nourish the reproductive health of both men and women.

But make sure that you eat in moderate quantities to stay away from yellowish discoloration of your skin.

6. Cashews


A variety of nuts boosts testosterone naturally in men and also helps in safe pregnancy in women by balancing estrogen. Cashews contain zinc and a type of amino acid which is known to be L-arginine to heighten the sex drive in both genders.

How to take cashews?

A handful of cashews daily is enough to trigger the libido.

7. Strawberries


Strawberry is a favorite fruit for many of us and fact is this is a good sex time increase food. It grows during the winter months. Its richness in vitamin C helps in cleansing the toxins from the body and improving the circulatory system. It boosts libido and strengthens erection. In the same way, strawberries stimulate arousal and orgasm

How to take strawberries?

Daily you can have  6 to 8 strawberries to boost your libido and sexual health. You can also have strawberry juice to reduce stress and enhance sex hormones.

8. Chilies

green and red Chilies

People often tend to avoid spicy chilies because of its pungent flavor and bitterness in taste. But it is the chilies that will raise the higher levels of testosterone in your body.

Though it may burn your tongue for some time, it will burn your body and mind with sexual desire by enhancing the level of endorphins in your body. It will quicken blood flow into the genitals. Get either chili pepper or cayenne pepper which is otherwise known as capsicum. Such peppers will enhance your capsaicin to boost your erection.

How many chilies can you have every day to boost your sex drive?

You can have 1 or 2 chilies every day. You can add the chilies to your food while cooking to improve the taste and add flavor.

9. Chocolate


Sufficient dopamine levels are necessary to invoke the requirement of pleasure for your body. Eating chocolate will trigger the release of dopamine from the brain. As a result, you will feel the drive and so will be drawn into sexual pleasure with your partner. It will raise your sex hormones and increase your stamina and increase sex time naturally.

How to use it?

You can have a bar of chocolate in the evening as a snack or a hot chocolate drink at night.

10. Almonds


The presence of vitamins C, E, Omega 3 and zinc in almond nuts makes for aphrodisiac qualities by enhancing testosterone and the quality of sperm and its motility. It does not trigger testosterone to enable sexual interest in men, but it also enforces the desire to have sex in women. It is a good option in list of long time sex foods.

How to have almonds for libido boosting?

Half a bowl of almonds is enough to boost your libido or will serve as a turn-on for sexual activity.

11. Cranberries


Cranberries are not only known for balancing blood sugar metabolism but also help you indulge in romantic endeavors actively. It is tender, juicy and red in color.

It's all due to the richness of Vitamin C and Vitamin B which would trigger the arousal of sex hormones and make you active in bed. 

Daily limit for eating cranberries for libido

It may vary from person to person. Either you can have a quarter or half a bowl of cranberries. Or else you can consume cranberry juice daily.

12. Coffee


Drinking hot coffee will energize your body and mind and increase testosterone and strengthen your erection. It is the caffeine in the coffee powder that works as an aphrodisiac to enhance your sex drive and make you sexually active in bed.

How many cups of coffee for libido boosting?

It is 1 to 2 cups of coffee that can keep you in the mood for engaging in ultimate pleasure.

13. Garlic


The bioactive compound, allicin, is present in garlic to boost testosterone levels and libido. It will stimulate strong erections in males and make them active on the bed. This food also nourishes the women’s reproductive health and causes a long sex drive. Overall garlic is one of the best foods that boost sex drive.

How much garlic a day will stimulate sex drive?

Every day, you can have a single garlic and to avoid its pungent odor while eating raw, make sure to add honey. With no doubt, Garlic is one of the natural aphrodisiac libido enhancers.

Even adding garlic as a spice in your cooked food will also boost libido.

14. Spinach


If you include spinach in your diet regularly, you will improve your reproductive health and sexual activity. You will be getting the zeal and enthusiasm for long-lasting performance. Magnesium present in these green leafy vegetables will reduce inflammation and enhance the blood flow into the penile area and boost erection.

In the same way, it is going to affect the woman’s sexuality by enhancing her estrogen hormone and sex drive.

How to take spinach?

You can either prepare spinach soup with olive or mustard oil by adding ginger, garlic, bay leaf and different rejuvenating spices.

Or else you can simply boil the spinach and consume it by adding salt and black pepper.

15. Oats


Oats, often termed as porridge, are highly rich in fiber and different revitalizing nutrients to boost libido and testosterone in men. By including oats in the regular diet, women would be able to deal with menstrual pain and experience high sex drive. It is all due to the presence of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B1 that would be nourishing the reproductive health of both men and women.

How to take oats?

Many prefer to take oats by boiling them with water and adding salt or with milk and sugar. Some also add oats in the muffins, cookies and different baked items for improvement of flavor and for the purpose of nourishment.

16. Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Using olive oil as a cooking medium is best for anyone who is suffering from cardiovascular problems. It would also improve sex drive in males by speeding the blood flow into the penis and stimulating strong erections. It is known for giving a boost to orgasm in women as well.

It works better than any synthetic Viagra found on the market.

How to take olive oil?

Usually, researchers suggest taking 9 tablespoonfuls of olive oil on a weekly basis will make it easy to deal with impotence or infertility in males.

17. Walnuts


Walnuts are one of the high protein dry fruits. It is incredibly beneficial for both men and women who have lost their sex drive due to increasing age. It is full of Omega-3 fatty acids to help deal with male impotence and cure female infertility. It increases sperm motility and helps women to conceive naturally.

How to take walnuts?

You can keep 6 to 8 walnuts the entire night in a bowl of water and take it on an empty stomach the next day. Or else, you can add different recipes for enhancing the taste and nourishing your body and mind.

18. Pomegranates


As it is packed with enormous amounts of nutrients like zinc and potassium, it will definitely give a boost to libido in both genders. It will increase the testosterone hormone and heal the problem of erectile dysfunction.

The deep red color of the seeds of pomegranates will increase the blood level of both males and females and bring relief from mental and physical weakness and enhance sexual interest.

How to take Pomegranates?

It all depends on you regarding how much quantity you must have to boost your libido. Eating it in moderate form is advisable to avoid diarrhea or stomach problems.  Or else, you can have it in the form of juice daily.

19. Oysters


Oysters have served as an excellent source of sex-enhancing nutrients like zinc and D-aspartic acid. It is a type of shell organism that survives in salt waters. It has been used since the ancient period for improving the quality of sexual activity and libido. It does increase the testosterone and revitalize the sexual health of women too.

How to take oysters?

Eating oysters is quite regular in the Western world and is also gaining popularity in coastal regions of India as an intercontinental diet. 

You can prepare oysters in curry form with ginger and garlic just as you usually cook prawns and lobsters.

20. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds we often come across but we do not usually give importance to it. However the studies have come up with amazing results for the men who are struggling to get erections.

It increases testosterone and sex drive in men. It also improves the levels of estrogen in women. So, including pumpkin seeds in your diet will help in giving a boost to your sexual health.

How to take pumpkin seeds?

You can boil the seeds and include them as a part of your diet. Or else you can mix the seeds with other vegetables while cooking. 

21. Watermelon

slices of Watermelon

Quite similar to pomegranates, watermelon is one of foods that increase sex drive it is a rich source of aphrodisiac nutrients like zinc and magnesium and thus brings relief from low testosterone and low estrogen levels in both men and women.

It grows in the semi-arid areas and during the summer months in the tropical zones.

How to take watermelons?

You can cut it into two halves and consume the red portion of the fruit without including the seeds.

Or prepare juice and smoothies from the red extracts of the fruit and drink it daily to boost your energy levels.


So here we have share some of the best sex time increase food. Sexual pleasure is a natural need of any gender. We do aspire to make sexual activity pleasurable and productive, but we do have to make compromises with the growing age. Along with increasing age, inadequate rest, sleep deprivation and improper diet happen to slow down the production of testosterone and estrogen levels in both genders. 

To make the intercourse session pleasurable and memorable while we are turning old, there is a need to make good choices regarding diet and lifestyle activities. Researchers have come up with different foods that stimulate hormone production for ultimate intercourse pleasure and enable us to conceive naturally.

Other things you can do to increase your sex drive naturally by doing kegel exercise, eating healthy diet, practicing yoga for better sex performance, consuming ashwagandha, Controlling obesity, Diabetes, and getting rid of addiction to smoking or alcohol. 

Such foods happen to be the most common ones served to you on the dinner table or lying in the kitchen. It may be apples, avocados, spinach, bananas, or oysters, whichever you would like to choose for enhancing your sex power. Consume these sex time increase foods in your daily life and see the magic.

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