Amazing Yoga For Better Sex Performance

Try These 9 Amazing Yoga For Better Sex Performance

Increasing age and stress make the person lose sex drive and suffer from weak erection and early ejaculation. Yoga, recognized as a holistic approach will uplift your mental well-being, improve blood flow in the genital area, regulate reproductive hormones and assist in forming a connectivity between the body and mind. It will thus make your performance better in bed.

The asanas of yoga for sex that both males and females can do to improve the quality of intimate bonding and gain maximum pleasure from it are given below:

1. Marjariasana and Bitilasana

Marjariasana and Bitilasana

You can perform both the asanas of yoga for sex stimulation together by making a table-like posture with both the knees and palms of your hands as support on the ground. As termed Marjaryasana for cat pose and Bitilasana for cow pose, you can do both postures together to raise flexibility in the spine.

Steps of Both the Asanas of Yoga

  • Standing on all fours with the wrists of your hands below the shoulders and your knees perfectly aligned with your buttocks.
  • Start moving your eyes, chest and chin up and down, and your stomach while you breathe in.
  • While you exhale or breathe out, you must bow down your head to let your chin touch your chest.
  • Letting your navel go inwards and raising your spine upwards.
  • Keep moving downwards and upwards like the crests and troughs of your wave for at least 1 minute.

Outcome:  As a result of performing this yoga daily, your body will gain flexibility and your mind will dragged into creative pursuits. It may also helps you to treat erectile dysfunctions.

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2. Setubandh Sarvangasana

Setubandh Sarvangasana

As known as bridge pose, it has been found as the best yoga for sex stamina. Forming a pose like a bridge may be a little bit complicated, but it will be easily done with expert guidance and regular practice.

Method of Performing This Yoga for Sex 

  • Lie down straight on the floor like a corpse.
  • Fold your knees and adjust them to close your hips and align with your ankles.
  • Initiate raising the lower part of the body, especially the pelvic area higher up.
  • At the same time, your upper part of the body and folded knees should remain on the ground.
  • Continue performing this yoga for 5 seconds and extend up to 10 seconds.

Outcome: It will stimulate your pelvic floor muscles during sexual performance and aid in the flow of blood in the genital area.

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3. Ananda Balasana

Ananda Balasana

It is an easy position that can be done with minimum effort by lying down with the back on the floor. It is an effective yoga for sex which makes the person experience relief from stress and gain blissful happiness like a child. 

Steps of Performing This Yoga

  • Lie down on the floor with your back touching the floor.
  • As you breathe out, flex your knees toward your stomach.
  • Once you breathe in, allow yourself to touch the fingers of your feet.
  • Make a way to broaden the space between your knees.
  • Maintain the position of your ankles over the knees in a right-angled manner.

Outcome: It is recommended for both females and males to reverse the problem of sex drive. It would be pleasurable for a female to lie down with her male counterpart on top and wrap his waist with her legs. On regularly doing this specific yoga asana, a male will be able to gain stamina to increase the erection time.

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4. Ustrasana


It is identified as the camel’s pose which can also be performed with not much effort.

Steps of Performing This Yoga Exercise

  • Stand on your knees by aligning with your shoulders.
  • Bend the upper part of your body including your face backward in such a position. Your face should be facing the ceiling.
  • Extend your hands backward to touch the heels.
  • Be in this position for nearly 5 to 10 seconds and continue breathing normally.

Outcome: It will open up your body as a whole and not let you suffer from back aches or any kind of joint pain. You will feel flexible and comfortable during the performance.

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5. Baddha Konasana

Baddha Konasana

As termed as Bound angle pose and in this pose, you will be expanding your hips and extending your inner thigh muscles in a seated condition.

Method of Doing This Yoga Pose:

  • Once you are in a seated position, fold your knees and bring them together in such a way that the soles of your feet touch one another.
  • Expand your lower part of the body in this seated position as much as possible.
  • Hold the feet together by joining the palms of both hands. You can also keep both of your palms behind your whole body and attempt to balance your body as a whole.
  • Maintain in this position for 30 seconds

Outcome: It will remove the tightness in the inner thigh muscles and groin area. It will also make the shoulders flexible. Perform one of these excellent poses of yoga for sex on regularly which will raise your comfort in bed and bring relief from stress.

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6. Mandukasana


It is known as the frog pose which may not be difficult for you to do to improve the quality of sexual performance in bed.

Method of Performing This Yoga

  • Allow your body to come to a table pose.
  • Allow your lower body to touch the ground.
  • Raise your face and upper part of your body high.
  • Keep your hands on both sides of your body fixed on the ground.
  • Continue to be in this pose for 20 to seconds by exhaling and pressing your hips.

Outcome: It will elongate the inner and outer of the thighs and make your body flexible. It will help both the male and the female to be physically active during the performance time.

7. Eka Pada Pada Rajakapotasana

Eka Pada Pada Rajakapotasana

It is one of the beneficial types of pigeon pose and it's known as the one-legged pigeon pose.

Steps of One-Legged Pigeon pose

  • Initiate with table pose.
  • Keep your right leg bent and forward.
  • Extend your left backward with the top of the feet touching the floor and its toe upwards.
  • Breathe out while leaning forward and downwards,
  • You can repeat this yoga with the other side as well.

Outcome:  Most of the couples have complained about experiencing tightness in hips and discomfort during the intercourse sessions and that’s the reason they explore different positions. But one can try Eka pada pada rajakapotasana. It has proved to be yoga for better sex as it will help in elongating and opening the hips.

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8. Savasana


Lying in a position that identifies with a corpse is what is known as Corpse pose. It can be done with the least guidance.

Steps of Performing Yoga Asana

  • Lie down by keeping your back facing the floor like a corpse.
  • Extending your legs and hands straight.
  • Keep a distance between your legs while being in this position.
  • Keep your eyes closed and continue to inhale and exhale.
  • Allow your body and mind to be transformed into relaxed mode.

Outcome: It will initiate regulating the circulation of blood throughout the body,  give relief from strain, stiffness, and pain and enhance flexibility. It will remove the blockage in the penile nerves and tissues and strengthen erection. This yoga is well recommended for women as it helps in keeping away from stress and increases sex drive.

9. Balasana


It is what is known as the Child pose which happens to be behaving like a kid in an exercise pattern. By getting minimum training from any yoga expert, you can do it.

Method of Doing This Yoga

  • Firstly, transform your mood like a child.
  • Be seated on your heels.
  • Slowly move on to the table pose.
  • Exhale and pull back your hips to the heels.
  • Keep and extend your hands forward on the floor.
  • Bow down your head on the floor. Your forehead must touch the floor just the way you bow down to worship your deity.
  • To enhance your comfort, you can widen the gap between your knees. You can also keep a pillow between your legs so that you feel unhurt and unstrained.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply.

Outcome: It has been proven as a restorative yoga for sex. It helps delay aging and enhances sex hormones in both men and women and leading them to experience pleasure in bed for a long duration.

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It is always better to take guidance from any certified expert if you are planning to perform any or all of these poses of yoga for sex mentioned above. It will prevent them from being hurt or suffering from any side effects. And following some healthy diet, managing stress and adopting other healthy lifestyle habits will also helps you to increase sex time naturally. 


Majority of the couples lose stamina and interest in sex with the growing age and rising stress levels. Yoga can enhance sexual performance in bed by improving mental well-being, regulating reproductive hormones, and strengthening the body-mind connection. Popular asanas for sex stimulation reduce stress, improve intimate bonding, and enhance sexual performance. So try these yoga asana for better sex performance and enjoy the moment.

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