Health Benefits of Vidarikand Side Effect and More

Health Benefits of Vidarikand: Side Effect and More

What is Vidarikand?

Vidarikand or Pueraria tuberosa is a perennial climbing herb whose tuberous roots are used for making healthy rejuvenating medicines. Expressed normally as Kudzu, it grows in India and other Asian countries. It belongs to the family of Fabaceae. One uses the tuber and leaves of such medicinal plants to meet the nutritional and treatment requirements.

It grows in monsoon areas and it survives well in humid and coastal regions.  It is capable of thriving well in the hilly regions at a height up to 4000 feet in Kumaon. 

It is also Nepal and Pakistan wherein the cultivation of the is spread across the hilly regions of Mustang, Manang, Gilgit Baltistan, and Azad Kashmir.

It is the tuberous roots and leaves used for preparing different medicines.


Properties of Vidarikand

Since Vidarikand facilitates positive effects on the man and women, its tuberous roots and leaves are used for:

  • Maintaining body temperature at the optimum levels.
  • Stabilizing blood pressure levels.
  • Controlling the muscle contractions in the abdomen. (Antispasmodic)
  • Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels in the body(Hypoglycemic).
  • Regulating fluid levels in the body (Diuretic properties).
  • Promoting excellent cardiovascular health.
  • It has the potency to lower cholesterol.
  • It facilitates healthy skin (eudermic).
  • It acts as an excellent cough medicine (expectorant).


Health Benefits of Vidarikand

Though there has not been sufficient scientific research done, its effectiveness has been evidently proven as mentioned in the ayurvedic texts of the ancient period.

Medical practitioners of Ayurveda have discovered the versatility of Vidarikand in recovering from different types of disorders and abnormalities existing in the body and mind.

Tuber helps in recovering from any form of unrestfulness, burning sensation abnormalities and imbalance in the skin conditions. It not only heals the problem from the root but boosts high levels of immunity.

Let’s check with the potential benefits of the Vidarikand given below:


1. Boosts Immunity

It empowers the defense mechanism of the body. It removes the dead cells and fights the microorganisms that wreck the body’s metabolic activities. It helps in lowering the bacteria, virus and fungus and reversing fever, boost overall immunity, respiratory disorders and congestion in the throat.


2. Alcohol Relief

It reverses the radicals and their negative effects arising from alcoholism. It does not cause destruction in the cells of the body. It lowers the interest of anyone towards alcoholism and controls the craving habit. This is one of the best alcohol ban medicines.


3. Protect the liver

It removes the toxins from the liver and activates excellent functioning of the liver. The presence of a hepatoprotective agent, a chemical substance lowers pain and enhances the defensive mechanism of the liver from any kind of disorder like- fatty liver, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Acute liver failure, Autoimmune hepatitis, which may be jaundice, hepatitis or cancer.


4. Enhances Fertility And Libido

It improves the fertility of males. Vidarikand has sex-enhancing properties which actually help in stimulating testosterone and increasing sperm count. There is not enough evidence to prove the effectiveness of the Vidarikand in altering the infertility issues of females. However, it is known for enhancing the strength or balya of females.


5. Enhances Lactation

It has a natural chemical agent identified as a galactagogue to stimulate the production of milk for breastfeeding mothers. However, there is not sufficient evidence mentioned in the scientific research to prove the lactating properties.


6. Slows Ageing Process

It limits the production of heat-producing chemicals that increase stress levels. It helps in retaining the bioactive elements in the skin and thus adding nourishment to the skin. Thus, appropriate intake of Vidarikand delays aging process.


7. Reproductive Organ Tonic

It improves the level of nutrition in the body and stimulates the reproductive organs. But the scientific research does not come up with enough evidence to support improving reproductive capacity.


8. Best For Heart

Scientific research has evidently proven up to a certain extent to maintain blood pressure at the optimum level.  It manages the cholesterol that blocks the heart and lowers the chances of heart attack or stroke.


9. Effective for Skin

It has the potency to heal the skin from the effect of any form of oxidative damage and make glowing skin. However scientific research has to prove further about Vidarikand in altering the abnormalities or allergies rising in the skin.


10. Treat Ulcers and Wounds

It has the capacity to heal wounds and ulcers. It stops the development of the chemicals that cause pain in the stomach.  It is the richness of the bioactive elements in the Vidarikand powder or capsule that will reverse the wound problem and activate the generation of cells. 


11. Good For Arthritis

It reverses the problems of Knee pain in young adults, Joint pain and inflammation. It stimulates anti-inflammatory conditions for managing muscle pain and enhancing strength and balancing vata conditions. Similarly you can use ortho veda oil for joint pain.


12. Colon Soother and Stool Aid

It facilitates bowel movements, helps with constipation, intestinal problems and also helps in curing hemorrhoids. Vidarikand promotes gastrointestinal health by facilitating the movement of the colon, providing relief from various stomach disorders and especially reducing the discomfort associated with piles.


13. Provides relief from urinary disorders

It cleanses the toxins and helps during the period of excess urine discharge due to rise in blood sugar levels. It strengthens the nerves and thus controls kidney disorders. 


14. Treatment of respiratory problems

It brings relief from cough and congestion existing in the respiratory passage. It prevents the entry of any harmful microorganisms into the respiratory system and improves the uninterrupted breathing mechanism.


15. Good For Voice

It is known for recovering from a choked throat and swollen vocal cords and easing the communication system. It is helpful for anyone who has lost his or her voice due to screaming, cough or congestion in the voice box or anyone suffering from trouble in the voice box.


Side Effects of Vidarikand

There has not been enough information concerning the side effects arising from using the Vidarikand. However, it is recommended to use it in moderate form and as per the guidance of the Ayurvedic physician. If taken excessively might have adverse health effects like:


Harmful to the sexual health of both men and women:

It may cause infertility in women by not conceiving easily. It weakens the potency of the sperm to reach out to the ovary and fertilize the egg.


Avoidance expected during pregnancy and breastfeeding:

It would be extremely risky for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It may harm the fetus or baby. There might be chances of miscarriages.


Causing gastrointestinal weakness 

There might be a possibility of disruption in the stomach condition and that might lead to diarrhea, bloating of the stomach and gas. It is always safe to discontinue using such herb during digestive disorders.



Some might face the problem of skin rashes, itching, swelling and respiratory disorders. It would be better for anyone to avoid Vidarikand whoever is showing intolerance towards legumes or related plants of the Fabaceae family.


Causing harmful interactions if taken with other allopathic medicines

It might weaken the metabolic activities further when combined and taken with other allopathic medicines. It will raise the level of toxicity and not let the allopathic dosage heal. Therefore, one should be careful while using the Vidarikand with any allopathic medicine.

At any cost, it is better to be taken as per the physician’s guidance. Further, it should be noted that there is no intention of stopping the treatment with allopathic medicine or Ayurveda. Being cautious while taking Vidarikand might not let anyone fall into the trap of adverse effects. Following safety standards will indicate steady recovery results.

The recommended dosage will help in stabilizing the metabolic activities of the person and also help in recovering from the root.


How to Take Vidarikand

Consumption of Vidarikand might differ considerably as per the specific formulation, specific product and the advice of the health expert. It would be beneficial for anyone who consults a qualified health expert for the way of taking the Vidarikand.

Specific instructions are given below:



It can be administered in capsule, tincture, powder or in any form of herbal formulation. A doctor’s recommendation is needed for choosing Vidarkand of any type which may depend on your health requirement or sickness. 


Application for measure

It is about the dosage which might vary per age, severity of the disorder and complete health status. To be on the safer side, the quantity of dosage may be according to the information mentioned on the label. The dosage may vary depending on the 500 mg to 2gms per day.


Time of taking the medication 

It is about the duration of taking Vidarikand depending on how critical the disorder or any condition is. Sometimes, Vidarikand may be taken for a short period of time, nearly a week and in some cases, it may be beyond 6 months.



Being cautious while taking any other medications related to heart, kidney or diabetic conditions, etc. There will be minimum chances of when such a combination would not be successful.

It is just the generic information mentioned above. For personalized guidance or care with Vidarikand intake, it is always better to get in touch with a health expert.


Research on Vidarikand

There is not enough information in Medical Science about the extent of effectiveness of the Vidarikand. Information on the healing properties of Vidarikand has been found in the traditional scriptures of Ayurveda.

As per the extent of use of Vidarikand ever since 5000 years ago, there have been certain key findings discovered which are mentioned below:

  • Lowering the levels of toxicity and de stressing the body of any person. It is because of the presence of nutrients like flavonoids and isoflavones that can help relieve weariness or any kind of discomfort in the body.
  • It is known for improving the reproductive capacity of male persons. It does contribute to improving the sperm count and motility of the sperm. Further studies are conducted to understand the extent of effectiveness of Vidarikand.
  • It activates hypoglycemic properties by maintaining high blood sugar at optimum levels and enhancing insulin proportions. 
  • It can be given to children combined with other natural ingredients or in different formulations. It improves immunity and eases digestion and development of the body. However, it would be safer if a recommendation comes from the physician for the use of Vidarikand.



Vidariikand is a climbing plant whose tuberous roots and leaves are used for preparing medicines for different ailments and disorders rising in the body. Its essence and range of effectiveness in reversing the problems of alcoholism, skin disorders, cardiovascular, liver and respiratory conditions without causing side effects. 

However, it is preferable to use Vidarikand in measured amounts and as per the direction of Ayurvedic and modern physicians. Further research is carried out to find how far it can go in healing the problems of cancer, infertility in males and females and diabetic conditions of any person. It is helpful in enhancing the growth of children and enforcing their immunity levels. But precautionary measures must be taken for administering the Vidarikand to any child.


Frequently Asked Questions

Vidarikand benefits for men?

Vidarikand helps in increasing male libido and improving sexual health. The aphrodisiac activities present in it increase testosterone, which improves sperm production. It can reduce sexual weakness and lack of sexual desire and improve sexual performance. Its regular consumption can improve sexual health, but medical advice is necessary to check the correct quantity and method.

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