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Ortho Veda Pain Relief & Joints Massage Herbal Oil

Ortho Veda Pain Relief & Joints Massage Herbal Oil


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SK Ortho Veda oil is popular ayurvedic Vata massage oil, particularly beneficial for pain pertaining to bones and muscles. It is special orthopedic oil made with 54 ingredients.

Key Features

✔ Getting rid of excruciating pain in the joints.

✔ Relief from the stiffness in the muscles by sitting all day.

✔ Making bones healthy and strong to help your grandparents or parents be free  from years of discomfort in the joints.

✔ Giving the instant and long-lasting result.



Ortho Veda Pain Relief & Joint Massage Herbal Oil helps you in providing better relief from joint pain. This is perfect for you if your bone lubricating tissue is damaged due to age factors. It is particularly beneficial for pain pertaining to bones and muscles. It is special orthopedic oil made with 54 ingredients that provides quick and long lasting relief.

Name: Ortho Veda Pain Relief & Joint Massage Herbal Oil
Product Form: Massage Oil
Quantity: 6 bottles in one packaging
Dosage: Use twice in a day in case of severe pain. Repeat as necessary.


  • 100% Ayurvedic Product.
  • Safe to use & no side effects.
  • It provides quick and long lasting relief.
  • Beneficial for pain pertaining to bones and muscles.


It is used as normal massage oil
Use twice daily in case of severe pain. Repeat as necessary, OR
As directed by the physician.
How does it work?

Stimulates and accelerates blood circulation near joints.
Provides heat to joints, bones muscles and ligaments which helps in healing inflammation.
Nourishes and enhances the joints lubricating synovial fluid.
It is formulated with utmost quality herbs and prepared by tel pak vidhi.


Cow milk, Black sesame oil, Wild asparagus, Giant potato, Brahmin ginseng, Vigna, Saffron crocus, Camphor, Indian ironwood, Bitumen, RocksaIt, Cardamom, Licorice, and Nutgrass

The results of Ortho Veda Pain Relief oil may vary from person to person, depending on their age, lifestyle and condition.

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Pain Pertaining To Bones & Muscles


What is Ortho Veda Oil, and how does it work?

Like any therapeutic measures for joint pain relief, Ortho Veda oil is used. It is applicable for adults and elderly. But it is recommended to keep away from children.

Nearly 54 ingredients have been used in the formulation of this oil. It is 100% ayurvedic oil used for the purpose of stopping any form of joint pain. It brings inflammation, pain and swelling of joints under control. It will prevent any further cartilage loss which becomes prevalent due to increasing age and lifestyle disorders.

It will stimulate flexibility with gentle massaging for 15 minutes on the affected area.

It will not cause any side effects. 

What are the key ingredients in Ortho Veda Oil, and what are their benefits?

To deal and reverse the vata issues in the joints in different parts of the body, different pain relieving and anti-inflammatory natural ingredients are used for formulating Ortho Veda oil

Properties of each of these ingredients are highlighted as follows:

Cow milk: It is full of calcium, vitamin D and protein to strengthen your bones, reduce stiffness and boost smooth mobility.  

Black sesame oil: It controls the pain arising from the joints. It also reduces swelling and burning sensation. 

Brahmin Ginseng: it does reduce toxins that increase swelling and pain in the joints. It is helpful in healing other joint issues like bursitis and gout.

Nutgrass: It stops the burning sensation of the joints and bones. It reduces reddishness and swelling in the affected area.

How do I use Ortho Veda Oil? Is there a recommended dosage or application method?

There is not as such recommended dosage. All you need to do is have a handful of the oil and massage it in the affected area for a timespan of 15 minutes.

You can use twice a day and that can depend on how intense the pain, stiffness and swelling in the joint is. 

Can Ortho Veda Oil help with joint and muscle pain?

  1. Surely, it alters the inflammatory pain, stiffness, irritability,  redness and tenderness of joints and muscles.

  2. It clears the vata present in the body.

  3. Massaging the oil in the painful muscles and joints increases the warmth, relaxation and flexibility. It increases blood circulation. 

  4. Nutrients like calcium and vitamin D present in ingredients of this oil nourishes the bones.

  5. It does make the person stress free, active and happy.

  6.  Finally, it is necessary to note that Ortho Veda oil side effects are zero. 

Is Ortho Veda Oil safe to use? Are there any known side effects?

It is applicable for adults and elderly people. Till now, there has not been any information in concern with side effects. It is because of the ancient ayurvedic formulation.

But then, it should be kept away from children. But then one can use it from the age of 16. 

Can I use Ortho Veda Oil alongside other medications or supplements?

It would not harm or cause any reaction to your body and mind if used with or without medication or supplements.

The significance of this oil lies in :

  • Bringing relief from immobility, discomfort, swollen and inflammatory joints. 

  • Stimulating flexibility in the joints.

  • Increases synovial membrane permeability.

  • Relieves from vata and fatiqueness.

  • Completely  safe as per the research and clinical guidelines.

  • No adverse health conditions found or damage to bones noted.

How long does it usually take to experience the effects of Ortho Veda Oil?

Period of recovery from joint pain

It takes nearly 1 to 2 hours to overcome the problem of stiffness, tenderness, mild to severe pain in joints after 15 minutes of massage with this 100% ayurvedic vata reducing oil.

Other uses of this orthopedic oil

  • Applicable for bringing relief from headache during the sinus problem.

  • Useful during the body ache due to high fever.

Is Ortho Veda Oil suitable for all age groups?

  • It is better to keep away this ayurvedic oil from the children. However, in case, the children reaches the age of 16, they start using it regularly for keeping away from stiffness and tenderness in joints

  • It can be effective sports medicine for the younger people who are engaged in outdoor sports. Massaging will help with relaxation of muscles and lubrication of cartilage.

  • It can bring a new lease of life and activeness in aging bones and sagging muscles. It will control any further cartilage loss and bring tightness in muscles. And it will stimulate physical activity of elderly. 

Do scientific studies or clinical trials endorse Ortho Veda Oil?

Based on clincal research trials done by CCRAS and ISO certification,

  • Ortho Veda oil is known for reversing the problems of osteoarthritis, arthritis and excessive joint and muscle pain.

  • Increase circulation of blood and reverse the stiffness and pain in joints.

  • Nourish the joints with nutrients like calcium, vitamin D and different types of pain relieving herbs.

  • Balancing doshas in the body.

  • It is a pack of 6 bottles of ayurvedic oil. Each Ortho Veda oil 50ml price is very affordable. Order now at a discounted price from SKinRange online. 

Where can I purchase Ortho Veda Oil, and is it available internationally?

You would not have to venture out to buy this ayurvedic oil for joint pain relief. It is available online on  SKinRange and Amazon. 

Further, Ortho Veda oil price discount may vary from one season to another.Excellent measures are taken during the delivery.


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