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Ortho Veda Oil | Ayurvedic Massage Oil for Pain Relief | Joint Pain Oil | Knee Pain Oil | Back Pain Oil | Muscle Pain Relief Oil | Ortho Herbal Oil

Ortho Veda Oil | Ayurvedic Massage Oil for Pain Relief | Joint Pain Oil | Knee Pain Oil | Back Pain Oil | Muscle Pain Relief Oil | Ortho Herbal Oil

Licensed/Certified by Ayush Department (State Government of Haryana)

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✅ Relief in Joint and Muscle Pains
✅ Instant Relief and Long- lasting results
✅ Reduces Inflammation
✅ Treats Arthritis pain
✅ Strengthens Bone and Muscles
✅ Safe to Use, No side effects
✅ Naturally Crafted
✅ For External use only

Ortho Veda Pain Relief & Joint Massage Herbal Oil helps you in providing better relief from joint pain. This is perfect for you if your bone lubricating tissue is damaged due to age factors. It is particularly beneficial for pain pertaining to bones and muscles. It is a special orthopedic oil made with 54 ingredients that provide quick and long-lasting relief.

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  • Name: Ortho Veda Oil
  • Product Form: Massage Oil
  • Quantity: 6 bottles in one packaging
  • Dosage: Use twice in a day in case of severe pain. Repeat as necessary.
  • Side Effects - None
  • Price- ₹ 4,499.00


  • Relief from the stiffness in the muscles 
  • Effective in treating Back and knee pain
  • Provides Strength to the Muscles and Joints 
  • Offers instant and long-lasting results.
  • Increases blood flow and assists in repairing tissues
  • Enhances the joints lubricating synovial fluid.
  • Manages the symptoms of Arthritis 
  • Helps relieve neck and shoulder pain


  • Take a sufficient amount of Ortho Veda Herbal Oil and massage the affected area.
  • Massage gently with your fingertips in a circular motion
  • Use the oil 3-4 times daily or as directed by your physician
  • For best result, cover the affected area with a blanket or a thick cloth after massaging it with oil
  • For external uses only


Mahanarayana Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Kapoor Oil, Ajowan Oil, Menthol, Clove Oil, and Til Oil and More ingredients like

Cow milk, Black sesame oil, Wild asparagus, Giant potato, Brahmin ginseng, Vigna, Saffron crocus, Camphor, Indian ironwood, Bitumen, Kapoor Oil, Rocksalt, Cardamom, Licorice, Nutgrass and other.

The results of Ortho Veda Pain Relief oil may vary from person to person, depending on their age, lifestyle and condition.

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Ready to relieve your muscles and joints of all the pain?

Try our effective Ortho Veda Herbal Oil. It is an excellent ayurvedic massage oil that relieves severe pain and stiffness by penetrating deeply into your shoulder, neck, joints, and muscles. It's time to close the door on the agony that never stops coming. This composition is designed to provide you with immediate relief from chronic pain and inflammation.

Pain Pertaining To Bones & Muscles


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Why should I trust ortho veda oil?

Our products are crafted 100% naturally, aiming at providing zero side effects. It addresses your problems and offers a deep-rooted solution. Our Ortho back pain oil has undergone clinical testing and has demonstrated great results. Having our presence in the Ayurvedic sector for over a decade, these products show no proven side effects. The majority of our products are GMP-certified and Licensed/Certified by Ayush Department (State Government of Haryana) guaranteeing their superior quality. These certificates all attest to the product's reliability and ease of ordering.

What are the key ingredients in Ortho Veda Oil?

Ortho Veda Oil comprises herbal ingredients that have their singular properties. These are all effective in treating muscle and joint pain. These herbs include-

  • Cow milk- It helps in controlling inflammation
  • Black sesame oil- It reduces joint and knee pain 
  • Eucalyptus Oil- It soothes the pain and discomfort
  • Til Oil- It relieves stiffness in joints and provides strength
  • Giant potato-It helps in managing arthritis and reduces inflammation
  • Camphor- It helps in treating chronic muscle and joint pain
  • Saffron crocus- It helps in relieving pain within minutes 

All these are blended to give you a formulation that aims at treating your pain relief.

How long does it usually take to experience the effects of Ortho Veda Oil?

In case of joint pain, Ortho Veda Herbal Oil starts showing its effect from the time of application. However, in the case of arthritis or any such medical condition, it may take longer for it to show its results. Also, for this knee pain oil to work effectively, it is recommended to make changes in your lifestyle such as having a nutritional diet and including workout sessions.  The benefits start showing when you are consistent with it. 

Is Ortho Veda Oil suitable for all age groups?

Ortho Veda Oil is suitable for the age groups above 16 years. When children reach the age of 16, they can start using it regularly to keep away from stiffness and tenderness in joints. It delivers the right results by effectively treating your joint and muscle pain. Also, note that it is for external use only. 

Is there a recommended dosage or application method?

There is no such recommended dosage. Apply the oil about 3 to 4 times a day on the affected area and make sure to massage the area. Also, for best results, it is highly recommended to cover it with a thick cloth or blanket, so that it begins showing the effects. 

Is there any side effect of using Ortho Veda oil?

Ortho Veda Muscle Pain Relief Oil has not been associated with any known negative effects. Our consumers have never raised any objections about utilizing it. It is a trustworthy and safe Ayurvedic Massage Oil for Pain Relief. Moreover, it has naturally strong herbs that don't show any baneful effects. But, if you have any skin problems, consult your physician before using this oil. 

What is the price for Ortho Veda Herbal Oil?

Ortho Veda Herbal Oil is priced at only ₹2900 for 6 bottle of 50 ml.