What Are the Best Supplements for Alcoholics?

What Are the Best Supplements for Alcoholics?

Alcohol drinking is so malicious that even when someone tries to leave it, he or she is not able to part from it. It removes the essential nutrients and causes hormonal disorders of various forms. It damages the liver, brain, heart, nerves and rest of the body like a slow poison and such health conditions lead to death.

Controlling alcohol drinking is necessary if you want to lead a long, healthy and happy life with your family members. Supplements for alcoholics promise recovery from alcoholism and nourishment of health with necessary nutrients.

Alcohol addiction can happen to people whose family background has a history of alcoholism. Addiction can happen at a tender age. Teenagers are most likely to be affected by it. It is their curious minds that pull them to their first taste of alcohol.  Once the person starts drinking at a tender age, it becomes difficult to control it.

What is Alcoholism?

What is alcoholism

Alcoholism is a state of mind that compels the drinker to not stop drinking. It is medically stated as an alcohol use disorder (AUD). The damage to brain cells caused by excessive alcohol consumption results in this compulsive behavioral problem. The effect of excess dopamine in the brain does not let the person quit alcohol so easily. 

How Does Alcohol Affect The Body?

How does alcohol affect the body

Drinking alcohol has been proven unhealthy and fatal by the medical team on a worldwide level. All across India and the world, there have been increasing reports of deaths of alcoholics. Regular or excessive drinking habits have always led to short-term and long-term threats to the health of alcoholics.

Let’s understand the risks borne by the people under the impact of severe alcoholic abuse:

  1. Excessive drinking makes the person reckless in his behavior. He can cause accidents under the influence of alcohol and suffer self injury and hurt people around him while driving or any other activity.
  2. Poor mental health conditions rising due to regular drinking are also a matter of serious concern. Anxiety and depression are the most common issues with binge drinkers. It impairs the brain functions and does not let the person make positive decisions.
  3. Rather, binge drinking tempts the person to commit suicide, murder and mass killings. In fact, he will be in the habit of committing any crime under the state of alcohol or in withdrawing conditions.
  4. Alcoholic persons do have the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases by connecting with different people physically. There is a risk of unwanted and unexpected pregnancy in the state of alcoholism.  Excess drinking does not let the alcoholics have control over their senses.
  5. Drinking alcohol is harmful for women during the conception period. Alcohol can cause miscarriage, stillbirth or genetic disorder in the fetus.
  6. Continuous drinking over the months turning into years destroys liver health. It does not let the liver metabolize the nutrients properly.
  7. There is always a risk of unhealthy heart conditions with the people who are into binge drinking. Drinking alcohol for a long period causes enlargement in the heart with high blood pressure and stroke.
  8. Excessive drinking of alcohol gives rise to toxicity in the blood and it damages other organs like the esophagus, colon and rectum.

Uncontrollable drinking raises the conditions of hormonal imbalances pertaining to fertility in both genders:

Males: it lowers the testosterone levels and raises the estrogen levels. As a result, he may suffer from low sperm count and that makes him incapable during the intercourse sessions.

Females: Moderate or excess drinking can do worse to any female during her reproductive years. It does not let women conceive easily. It delays ovulation or may cause the menstrual cycle to cease. It may not directly cause PCOS but it may create such conditions leading to PCOS and it may be obesity, high blood sugar level and accumulation of fats in the blood. As alcohol drinking increases estrogen hormone and so there is also a risk of women suffering from breast cancer.

Why Are Supplements Important For Alcoholics?

Why are supplements important for alcoholics

Binge drinking interferes in the way of digestive metabolism and not let the nutrients to be absorbed by the body.The person may not have the same strength as before drinking alcohol because of the loss of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  It leads to causing anemia, weak immunity and delay in wound healing. It makes the person prone to infections and causes impairment of brain nerves.

Supplements for alcoholics are in the form of natural herbs and minerals found in different food items. Such remedial measures will control your desire to drink alcohol, nourish your health and prevent further harm to the body. 

The Best Supplements For Alcoholics

The best supplements for alcoholics

1. Milk Thistle

It acts as a natural detox for the person who is not able to quit alcohol drinking easily. Natural compound silymarin present in milk thistle removes the toxic elements from the body which cause triggers. It is known for preventing liver damage.   It is free from caffeine and therefore it can be taken in the form of tea and it will not cause any addiction. It stimulates insulin production and slows the growth of cancer.[1]

2. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

It is an amino acid type of natural chemical compound present in eatables like chicken, turkey, yogurt, cheese, eggs, sunflowers and legumes. Including such food items in your diet will help in resisting the desire to drink alcohol. It is the effect of N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) in these foods which will contribute to alcohol related liver disorders, cleanse the kidney and repair the brain cells and nerves.[2]

3. B Vitamins

Excessive alcohol drinking causes scratches or bruises with burning sensation in the stomach and intestines. Thus, it makes it difficult for the person to digest and absorb the nutrients like vitamin B. It causes vitamin B deficiency. It is indeed not good for health which causes loss of visions, ulcers and damage in nerves and heart muscles. Using dairy products, eggs, pulses, green vegetables and seafood, one can meet with the loss of Vitamin B and have a strong immune system

4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Alcohol drinking is known to cause damage to the heart apart from liver, brain and other organs of the body. With Omega 3 fatty acids in the diet, you can get protection from fatty liver diseases and harmful effects of alcoholism. It will reduce high blood sugar disease and reduce bad cholesterol. Intake of seafood can help the non vegetarians meet the deficiency of Omega 3 fatty acid. Otherwise, vegetarians can easily get this mineral by consuming flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, soybean oil and canola oil.[3]

5. Zinc

It is known for stimulating ojas and rejuvenating the condition of heart muscles.  It helps in developing the enzyme to reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels and unhealthy fats in the liver. It will reduce stress and improve metabolic activities. Increasing the quantity of zinc enriched food items which are found in wholegrains, fish, meat and legumes will strengthen the withdrawal from alcohol.

6. Magnesium

It is another important mineral which stimulates the formation of DNA and maintaining a healthy heart by transporting calcium and potassium into the tissues. Regular alcohol drinking causes magnesium deficiency and that becomes a serious threat to the immune system. But you can cover up the deficiency with the oral intake of magnesium supplements or food ingredients like dark green veggies, pulses, nuts and fruits.

Ayurvedic Supplements for Alcoholics

Ayurvedic Supplements for Alcoholics

1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is administered to the alcoholic patients to activate the detoxification process. It aids in overcoming the withdrawal symptoms, activating the brain cells and restoring the cognitive abilities. 

2. Giloy

It helps in removing the toxins from the blood and saves the liver from damage by alcohol drinking or any harmful substance. Giloy reduces any form of mental stress and revitalizes the nervous system.

3. Amla

It is rich in vitamin C which helps in strengthening the immune system. Its  anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties protect the stomach from the development of ulcers. Amla prevents destruction of liver cells, aging and loss of vision and weak performance.

4. Vidari

Vidari is regarded as the natural ayurvedic drug for gaining recovery from mild to intense addiction to alcohol. It increases the stamina to control the alcohol drinking with its natural antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties and nutrients.

5. Punarnava

Punarnava assists in revitalization of the brain nerves and boosts active mind. It acts as an appetite stimulant, acts as a detoxifier and eases digestion. 

How to Choose The Right Supplements For Alcoholics?

How to Choose the Right Supplements For Alcoholics

You must follow the given standards while selecting any supplement for alcoholic patient:

  • Must be 100% ayurvedic and have no chemical ingredient. 0% caffeine and 0% refined sugar is what is expected in the supplement.
  • Made from natural herbs and ingredients enriched with anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties.
  • Enhance appetite level and improve gut health.
  • Must aid in recovery from the lost nutrients and stimulate healthy weight loss.
  • Serve as an excellent liver medicine.
  • No side effects.

That’s what you can get from using powder and liquid of Addiction Killer

How To Take Supplements Safely (Dosage/Usage)

How to take Supplements Safely (Dosage Usage)

Addiction killer powder: Use one tablespoon daily after all your meals are over. It can be given to the alcoholic secretly. It can be easily mixed with the food. But do not mix with water, it will change the color. 

Addiction Killer liquid: 10 to 15 drops can be administered with food and water. It is colorless and so it can be easily given to the alcoholic patient secretly. It will not change the color. 

Is There Any Need For Lifestyle Changes To Control Alcoholism?

Is there any need for lifestyle changes to control alcoholism

Your lifestyle alterations require your attention and care for liver, heart and your entire health. Mental health is also another aspect which you must also keep in mind to lead a stress free life.

Simple but important guidelines for addiction free life:

  1. Keeping away from caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and any addictive substance. It is also advisable to avoid watching television and sedentary habits for long hours.
  2. Avoid working in hours or staying awake till late night.
  3. Have a sound sleep of 8 hours. It is advisable to retire to bed early.
  4. Waking up in the morning just during the sunrise and practicing physical exercise. It will assist in burning the calories and boosting healthy weight loss. It will regulate bowel movement. 
  5. Avoid intake of refined carbohydrates, sugar and sodium. Keep your dietary habit normal with a balance of all nutrients. Have a sufficient amount of fiber, protein and healthy fats.
  6. Drink a lot of water and control your cravings with fruit juices.



Drinking alcohol is harmful for both physical and mental health. It removes the nutrients from the body and does not let the person have a healthy and stress free life. Quitting alcohol is not so easy and that can also be as harmful as alcohol drinking. Alcohol drinking takes control of the body’s metabolism including the brain nerves. Millions of people are dying due to this deadly addiction. Recovery is a challenging factor for many alcoholics. But there are natural and ayurvedic supplements for alcoholics which can help in the path of recovery without causing any relapse or side effects and in an affordable way.

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