Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction: Understanding and Addressing Common Challenges

Most women experience sexual function troubles at some stage of their lives. And even some women face it across their lifespan. In India, around 35% of women undergo sexual dysfunction, and about 23% have sexual problems connected with personal or social stress. It is common, but most of us don't like to talk about it openly.

Sexual dysfunction is a problem that happens at some point in the sexual response cycle. It blocks the satisfaction that women experience from sexual activity. This sexual response cycle covers desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution. Sexual desire and arousal are the components of the excitement phase.

Types of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Overall, female sexual dysfunction is divided into four kinds that elaborate it. 

  • Desire disorders: In desire disorder, females lack a desire or interest in sexual activity. 
  • Arousal disorders: With arousal disorder, women are unable to get excited during sex with a partner.
  • Orgasm disorders: The women encounter a delay or absence of orgasm (climax).
  • Pain disorders: Women may feel pain during intercourse.

Symptoms of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Here are some signs that you experience if you suffer from sexual dysfunction. 

  • No desire or interest in sex
  • Inability to be aroused during sexual activity
  • Pain through intercourse.
  • Poor vaginal lubrication before and during intercourse.
  • Disability to calm the vaginal muscles enough to accept intercourse.
  • Incompetency to gain orgasm.

Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sex satisfaction involves your body, health, mind, and feelings toward your partner. Common Causes of female sexual dysfunction include physical and psychological health—with certain medications. Let’s understand these causes in detail.  

Physical Health

Most physical or medical conditions can cause sexual function problems. Heart disease, diabetes, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalance, kidney or liver diseases, and sometimes fatigue can enable you to get comfort in sexual activity.

Surgery or radiation processing in your genital area turns off the desire for sex. Physical changes such as pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and menopause also cause the inability to engage in sexual activity in females.

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Psychological Issues

There is no doubt that your positive mood with partner helps to build sexual intimacy. Some factors related to emotional and mental health come along the way that make you feel uncomfortable, anxious, or uninterested in sexual movement with your partner.

Stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and past sexual trauma refrain you from taking pleasure from your partner—causing sexual dysfunction. 

Medications, Drugs, and Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can make orgasm more time to attain, and you feel less intense during intercourse. Besides drinking, tobacco smoking and other illegal drugs can become the reason for your sexual dysfunction. 

Some medications can impact your libido (desire) and sex drive, causing vaginal discomfort with no joy. The following medications are related to sexual dysfunction;

  • Antidepressants
  • High blood pressure drugs
  • Epilepsy drugs
  • Cancer drugs
  • Steroids
  • Urinary tract infection medication

Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction

If your sexual problem lasts for a longer period and affects your relationship, you should take effective treatment to restore your love life. The treatment may vary depending on your physical and mental health.

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You can benefit from combining treatments. Your healthcare provider might recommend some natural methods to treat your sexual dysfunction that include;

Move Your Body

Regular physical activity boosts your stamina and sex power. Research shows that physical activity refines sexual health. One of the studies found that women who are involved in physical activity every day have high levels of sexual desire, arousal, and lubrication as compared to inactive women.

Quit Alcohol

Alcohol abuse significantly decreases sexual stimulation, difficulty in achieving orgasm, vaginal lubrication, and genital pain. Alcohol consumption can boost the risk of sexual dysfunction to 74% in women. Therefore, quit alcohol addiction or any other drug addiction  if you want to attain sexual satisfaction.

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Stress Management

If you encounter stress, anxiety, or depression at the moment, then it's best to consult a therapist to educate and treat your condition effectively. It is recommended that you read intimate content and do some relaxing exercises, practice some yoga poses for better sleep.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation can help you cope with your stress and anxiety while improving your sexual health. Yoga practice can enhance your libido. The research found that yoga is better for sex performance by improving desire, arousal, orgasm, lubrication, satisfaction, and pain during sexual activity.

Use a Lubricant

If you have vaginal dryness or pain problems, then using a lubricant can help you during intercourse. Multiple factors trigger vaginal dryness, such as menopause, breastfeeding, and specific medication. Use a lubricant to reduce friction and irritation. Use coconut oil as a lubricant or buy it from a drugstore.

Get Enough Sleep

Inadequate sleep impacts your sex drive badly as it changes your mood. Even sleeping longer is connected with higher sexual desire afterward in women. Therefore, to gain sex momentum and pleasure, take at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

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Talk and listen to Your Partner

No doubt, communication is critical to maintaining a healthy sexual life. Therefore, openly talk with your partner and also listen to them to achieve intimacy and satisfaction in sex.

Use Device

Vibrator devices can improve your sexual pleasure while reaching climax. If you have a narrow vagina problem, then dilators can assist you in this regard.


If your condition persists longer, your doctor might suggest antidepressants and hormone therapy to treat your sexual dysfunction.

Ayurveda Treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction

Ayurveda treats sexual dysfunction naturally with herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Safed Musli, and Gokshura. These Ayurvedic herbs are often used to boost libido, stamina, and reproductive function. Ayurvedic formulations such as "Vajikarana Rasayana" and "Makardhwaj" are admired for leading sexual wellness. Ayurveda also focuses on healthy lifestyle habits, including exercise, sleep, and nutritious food


Female Sexual Dysfunction means dealing with various problems that can blow your ability to enjoy sex. How your body works, feels and connects with your partner can cause these sexual problems. You can fix and complete the puzzles to get better at your sexual health.

Limiting alcohol, getting enough sleep, and using lubricant and vibrator devices can help you revive your sexual joy. Remember, asking for help is okay when things aren't going right on your side. Talk with your partner, and get help from a psychiatrist.

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