Health Benefits of Tulsi Side Effects, Uses and more

Health Benefits of Tulsi: Side Effects, Uses and more

Every Indian identifies with the spiritual aspects of Tulsi and is also familiar with its amazing medicinal properties. It is therefore known to be the mother medicine of nature and queen of herbs.

It has been absorbed into regular lifestyle practices to offer various health benefits. Scientific research is on the way to confirming how tulsi is a vital solution for body, mind and spirit.

Let’s understand how Tulsi stands as the finest Ayurvedic example of offering an array of health benefits holistically:

Clinically proven Health benefits of Tulsi

Boosts immunity naturally

It may improve immunity by nourishing your body with zinc and vitamin C. These minerals have strong infection-fighting properties. You will be protected from different types of infections arising in the body. 

It aids in enhancing T helper cells and natural killer cells and so the problem of a weak immune system will subside naturally.

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Bring relief from fever and pain

It protects the body from fever arising from viral and bacterial infections. You can take the juice of Holy basil or tulsi combined with Black pepper or kali mirch to reduce the body temperature.

You can also boil tulsi leaves with cardamom or elaichi powder and blend them with sugar and milk for better taste and faster relief from fever and pain.

Alter congestion and cold in the chest

Most elderly people have complained about bronchitis and accumulation of phlegm in the chest. Even many younger people also undergo problems of asthmatic attack symptoms like shortness of breath, suffocation and pain in the chest.

However, people of all ages undergoing respiratory disorders found tulsi leaves effective in minimizing phlegm and relieving lung infections. Using honey and ginger with tulsi will stimulate instant recovery from respiration problems.

Essential oils of tulsi and the antioxidant properties of ginger and honey will exceed in protecting respiratory health than any other allopathic medicine.

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Minimizes blood pressure and stress

Blood pressure rises in the body due to blockage in the blood vessels which can raise the risk of the person’s life with stroke or heart attack. But tulsi gives relief from inflammatory blood pressure conditions and helps the person breathe easily.

You can chew 5 to 6 holy basil leaves daily to experience normal blood pressure. The therapeutic properties of tulsi will enable the vessels of the blood to vessels stimulate the uninterrupted flow of blood in a normal way.

Further, certain natural compounds of tulsi would enhance the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain to make the neurotransmitters active and lower psychological and metabolic stress.

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Controls cardiovascular disease

You can drink Tulsi tea daily to keep your heart healthy. Flavonoids, Vitamin C and phenols in Tulsi contribute to protecting the cells and muscles of the heart from the destruction by free radicals.

It helps in repairing the inner lining of the blood vessels and preventing any form of heart disease.

Helps in fighting cancer

Due to the presence of restorative and revitalizing bioactive compounds in tulsi, it seems promising to use tulsi, the queen of herbs to deal with cancer symptoms.

It strengthens the body’s ability to detect and destroy cancer cells. Studies are being carried out to understand how tulsi protects our body from skin, liver and oral cancers.

Controls diabetes

Diabetes causes sugar levels to rise and minimizes the production of insulin. Rising sugar level in the body damages the cells and organs of the body.

But tulsi, known to be a magical herb is capable of producing natural insulin to meet the insulin deficiency in the body, control blood sugar levels and control diabetes-related complications.

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Bring relief from the formation of kidney stones and heals gout 

Kidney stones are formed in the body due to excess uric acid. Drinking tulsi tea will eliminate the deposition of salts and toxins along with water with its rejuvenating and diuretic eugenol and ursolic acid. Thus, tulsi will facilitate strong support for kidney and urinary health.

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Detoxifies gastrointestinal tract

Tulsi has the potency to deal with bacterial and microbe-related infections arising in the intestines. It controls the bloating of the stomach and blockage of feces in the intestinal tract and thus prevents inflammatory bowel syndrome, constipation and piles.

Daily consumption of tulsi leaves will shrink the swollen piles tissues and strengthen gut health.

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Excellent for skin and hair

With its antioxidant properties, tulsi becomes capable of protecting the skin from acne, pimples and even wrinkles.

Oral intake of tulsi or its topical use with any hair oil will strengthen the hair from the root and stop premature greying.

Side effects of Tulsi

As per one clinical examination done with Tulsi, there have been reports of nausea from certain patients. However, there has not been enough information concerning the side effects of tulsi.

However, the lack of scientific evidence does not rule out that there will not be a sufficient number of side effects. In some cases, side effects might be too critical like:

  • Consumption of tulsi during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage.
  • Tusli can raise the sense of discomforting conditions in healthy which may be in the form of diarrhea and nausea if consumed in excess from the very beginning. You can start with a small quantity and increase it with time.
  • Low pressure and low blood sugar are not also good for health. Consumption of tulsi by diabetics and high blood pressure must be done with precautions or as per the dosage. Otherwise, it can lower the glucose and pressure and thus make the person weak. Consulting a physician is necessary while taking Tulsi along with diabetes management medication.

Other uses

  • It can be used as a tonic for healing nerves and improving memory.
  • It gives excellent results in managing stress. The doctor must be consulted accordingly.
  • It also helps in keeping away from mosquito bites. Use dry tulsi leaves and blend these leaves with coconut oil and rub the blend on the skin. This process might protect you from mosquito bites and malaria.

How to use Tulsi?

  • You can take a few tulsi leaves along with honey to reduce your fever and cold. If you are a beginner in using tulsi leaves then keep it to 1 or 2 in quantity.
  • You can prepare tea with tulsi leaves. You can also add other natural ingredients like black pepper, laung, ginger and turmeric to deal with physical and emotional stress.
  • Apply the paste of tulsi on the skin to control the spread of ringworm infection.
  • Further, you can use it as a mosquito repellent by grinding the leaves and applying it on the skin with coconut oil to prevent serious mosquito bites.


The Tulsi plant as a whole is of utmost spiritual importance and is a valuable ingredient in Ayurveda. Its organic compounds cure fever, cough and cold and respiratory disorders, lower sugar and prevent many more life-threatening disorders.

However one should be cautious in using excessively to stay away from nausea and low blood sugar.

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