Keeda Jadi Price in India Why is it the World's Costliest Fungus

Keeda Jadi Price in India: Why is it the World's Costliest Fungus?

Keeda Jadi is an expensive fungus that grows on the larvae of specific month species. It is also known as Himalayan Viagra or Yarsagumba. Keeda jadi is a blend of fungus and insect. A fungus infects the insect and kills it, and then a fruiting body protrudes from the caterpillar's (insect's) head. Since the 14 century, it has been widely used to boost energy in the body and treat several diseases.

This rare and traditional insect herb is even more expensive than gold and makes it the world's costliest fungus. We will dive deeper into the Keeda Jadi Price in India, the factors that make it a costly fungus, and how to consume it on a daily basis. Stick till the end!

Keeda Jadi Price in India

Keeda Jadi is the world's costliest fungus and is more expensive than gold. The global price of Keeda jadi is around 20 lakh to 60 lakh, with 3500-4500 per piece. At the same time, Keeda Jadi's price in India is 3 to 9 lakh per kilogram.

Locals collect and sell the Keeda jari, which has gained economic stability due to its high demand and cost. 

When the snow melts in the alpine meadows of the Himalayas mountain, local people go and pick up the desired Keeda Jadi. However, it takes work to collect this fungus; they leave home with family for days or months to gather it in a harsh environment.

Why is it the World's Costliest Fungus?

Keeda Jadi is rare and costly because it cannot be cultivated. Let's dig into the essential aspects that make Keeda Jadi the world's costliest fund.

Limited Geographic Distribution

Keeda Jadi is found in the Himalayan region at high altitudes of 3,500-5000 meters. It thrives only in limited areas of specific countries like India, Nepal, China, and Bhutan.

As they are limited, collecting them in large quantities to fulfill international requirements is difficult. Consequently, this heavy demand raises the cost of Keeda Jadi.

Seasonal Availability

Keeda Jadi has a short span of arrival in the spring and early summer months.

Meanwhile, it makes it difficult for harvesters to collect a significant quantity in this period.

Harvesting Challenges

Keeda Jadi is a wild fungus; it's not a cultivated crop. Therefore, the harvesting is labor-consuming as they have to walk in treacherous locations with harsh weather to collect it in the wild.

Keeda Jadi price in India and the international market elevated because of harvesting challenges, low supply, and heavy demand.

Cultural and Medicinal Significance

Keeda Jadi has been highly valued in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It is used for various health purposes to boost immunity and physical stamina while treating multiple diseases. Due to historical significance, the fungus is in high demand, which makes it costly.

International demand

Keeda Jadi captured attention globally due to its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power. This will drive up the price for this unique and traditional medicinal fungus.

Economic Factors

Its rare nature led to a gain in its economic value, and the traders involved in the supply of Keeda jadi possibly raised the price. In the black market, it's even sold for 30-60 lakh per kg.

All the above factors are the reason for the expensive Keeda Jadi price in India and the global market.

How to Consume Keeda Jadi

When you decide to take a Keeda Jadi due to its immersive benefits, make sure to consult a healthcare professional holistic nutritionist or herbalist or track the directions on the product packaging. Here is a general guide to consuming Keeda Jadi;

Keeda Jeeda Dosage

There is no widely recommended dosage for Keeda Jadi as it can vary depending on the form and health goal of the person. The effective dosage of Keeda jadi can go from 500 milligrams to 3,000 milligrams per day. It depends on the person's age, health condition, and tolerance level.

Consumption form

Keeda Jadi is often consumed in the form of an extract or tea, capsules, or powder form. Let's delve into the process of making Keeda jadi tea.

How to make Keeda Jadi Tea

  • Take 6 to 8 pieces of Keeda Jadi fruit bodies in 200-250 ml of water.
  • Boil Keeda jadi for 1 minute.
  • Then, set the flame at a low point, cover the pan, and simmer it for 15 minutes.
  • After fifteen minutes, it will be ready to drink. It's best to drink the Keeda jadi after a meal. Then, You can eat the fruiting bodies or use them in your meal.
  • Drink Keeda jadi tea twice a day to get its best potential benefits.

Otherwise, if you are not a tea lover, then you can take its synthetic capsule or powdered form to get the Keeda Jadi benefits.

Why India ban Keeda Jadi?

Because of the endangered status of Keeda Jadi and overharvesting and over-exploitation, India has restricted and banned the illegal trading of this fungus.

Climate change also affects the production of Keeda jadi. As Keeda Jadi blooms in snow, the snow depth is now only 10-15 feet, which was 20-25 feet 15 years ago.

India's Government took this step to preserve the unique and traditional Keeda jadi in the wild due to the drop in production. However, the guidelines and policies are created for the states of Sikkim and Uttarakhand to ensure local economic support. Breaking the policies and rules is a punishable act.

What Sparked the International Interest in Keeda Jadi?

Chinese successful athletes are known to use Keeda Jadi to boost their energy and win the game. Back in 1993, Chinese runner Junxia Wang broke multiple world records. Later, her coach credited a tonic of Cordyceps sinensis (Keeda Jadi) that attracted international attention and increased its demand.

Now, several studies have shown that Keeda Jadi increases energy and treats several diseases like cancer, depression, diabetes, and heart problems—and ailment of kidney and liver function. Due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties, mycologists are concerned that it may disappear if not preserved. keeda Jadi may also help delay the aging process, keeping you younger for longer.

Summing Up-Keeda Jadi Price in India

Keeda Jadi is a rare and traditional fungus that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Generally, it is used to stimulate physical stamina and aphrodisiac action. Besides boosting physical performance, it helps to cure diseases such as diabetes, Heart problems, and illnesses of the liver, kidneys, and lungs.

This high series of benefits and demand raises the Keeda Jai price in India. However, it's important to take some exemplary action to preserve Keeda Jadi.

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