Piles and Milk Is milk good for piles Or hemorrhoids

Piles and Milk: Is milk good for piles Or hemorrhoids?

The majority of us shy away from going to the doctor and disclosing the consistent problems of constipation and piles. Some of us get medicines from the doctor and use them during the stage of hemorrhoids. The problems get over and after some time, constipation or piles again relapse. We get confused and try to find solutions to our chronic problems. We are not actually clear about the diet and lifestyle we should adopt to fight such chronic issues. Doctors usually recommend consuming a liquid-based diet. Apart from water, we usually consume milk. There might be a question “Is milk good for piles?

Milk has absolutely no or very little amount of fiber and it really does not boost health conditions. It would rather increase the struggle of the patient to pass the stool.

Piles can cause discomfort experience to anyone during the stool discharge. It can trigger inflammation, pain, bleeding and itching in the person while struggling to pass the stool. Building pressure for the stool discharge causes swelling in the anal veins. This is how the problem of hemorrhoids arises. Milk in piles would rather 


Nowadays, we are not aware of the diet we are eating every day. We usually are attracted to the tasty and readymade eatables found in the market that suit our tongue. Such food items or eatables are less in fiber and other nutrients and that upsets the metabolism.

One of the major food items you should actually avoid during piles problems is milk and its products.

But still, people prefer drinking milk and consuming its products. Scientific evidence has come up with the limitations of milk in controlling constipation and piles. But let’s find out how is milk good for piles?

    • It is full of rejuvenating nutrients and that includes proteins and calcium. It does definitely bring relief from inflammation and swelling.
    • It calms down the inflammatory and swelling tissues.
    • Milk has proven to be effective in healing the symptoms of piles faster when mixed with different nutritional ingredients. 

How is Milk Good for Piles Blended With Lemon?


How is milk good for piles blended with lemon

You can add lemon juice to hot water and drink it to experience steady digestion and smooth movement of the bowels through the anal area. 

But mixing lemon juice or juice of any other citrus fruit with milk will definitely be not suitable for digestive health. 

It will cause the formation of gas and acidity in the stomach. However, there might be a possibility that it will reduce the inflammatory conditions arising due to piles.

But still, it is recommended to stay away from the inappropriate combination of milk and lemon. Because the citric property of lemon will nullify the nutritional properties of milk which includes vitamin D and calcium.

Is Milk Good for Piles Mixed With Honey?


Is Milk Good for Piles Mixed With Honey


Though milk and honey may have very low amounts of fiber or simply no fiber, you can find the difference after consuming it regularly during the night before going to bed.

But the blend will surely invoke the probiotics in the milk to stimulate digestion and the lubricating property of honey will cleanse the intestinal area, reduce inflammation, and irritation, stop bleeding and smoothen the stool discharge. 

Is Milk Good for Piles Blended With Turmeric or Any Other Spice?


Is Milk Good for Piles Blended With Turmeric or Any Other Spice

It offers an excellent solution for piles when combined with turmeric or different spices. Probiotics of milk and curcumin compounds of turmeric help in altering the problems of ulcers and infections in the stomach and ease stool discharge. You will feel relaxed after consuming it at night. You will have a smooth bowel movement the next day. You will be able to dispose of the waste smoothly through the anus. This is how turmeric milk is good for piles.

How Far is Milk Good for Piles Blended With Banana or Any Other Fruit?


How Far is Milk Good for Piles Blended With Banana or Any Other Fruit

1. Bananas

Bananas eaten in unripe conditions may not be good for your health if you are constipating or suffering from inflammatory and bleeding piles. It is rich in fiber and potassium and it will be helpful in reducing the piles symptoms when blended with milk. It smoothes the passage of the anal canal for stool discharge. 

2. Apples

Combining an apple with milk in your diet will increase the quantity of fiber and nourish your health with protein, potassium and calcium. It will ease the movement of the bowel out of the anal canal. 


3. Papaya

Any ripe papaya is rich in fiber and water and blending it with milk will aid in the digestion process. It will ease constipation. Mixing with milk can help in reducing the symptoms of piles. However, it should not be taken during the condition of diarrhea. 

Is Milk Good for Piles Made From Coconut?


Is Milk Good for Piles Made From Coconut

1. Coconut

You can make coconut milk by mixing the white skin of brown coconut with normal or warm water. Drink it in moderate amounts to alter the constipation.   And that's how is coconut milk good for piles also.

Any doctor or dietitian will always advise you to consume homemade food recipes made from legumes, whole grains and leafy vegetables. Such can be a suitable diet for piles.

These food items will increase the quantity of fiber and easier for the stool to pass from the anal area. 

You must also know the 5 foods to avoid with hemorrhoids and these are red meat, fried and salty foods, baked items, ice creams or any frozen products. 

You may have already learned about how milk is good for piles by blending with apples, bananas or nuts. 

Other dairy products may not have a good effect on the bowel movement. Either you will suffer from diarrhea or constipation.

But curd is good for piles if taken in a medium amount. It will reduce inflammation, itching and pain in the anal area.

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It will reduce the blood vessels naturally and bring relief from constipation and any form of anal disease. It will not cause any side effects.

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The condition of Piles is a common problem and for many of us, it becomes a chronic diet. Any specialist will suggest you select the diet wisely. Soluble and insoluble fiber will reduce bleeding piles and bring relief from constipation. Many people would also think that is milk good for piles ? Mixing with honey, apples, walnuts or turmeric will reduce the conditions of piles and constipation. You must always use ayurvedic medicine to gain control over inflammatory piles and irregularities in bowel movement.



Q1. Which milk is best for piles?

Ans: You can take almond milk for fast recovery from piles. It will ease the stool passage and stimulate easy stool discharge.

It is less in calories and so you would not be affected by obesity.

Q2. Is milk and curd good for piles?

Ans: Both can be effective in altering the problems of inflammation, itching and swelling. Milk will stimulate in healing of piles conditions when mixed with turmeric or any other spice.

It will remove toxins inside the stomach and ease the passage for stool discharge. It will act in the process of softening the stool.

Curd will act in the process of relieving pain and inflammation. It helps in clearing the bowels without any pain or bleeding. For better results, you can use buttermilk.

Q3. Is milk and banana good for piles?

Ans: Banana is rich in fiber. You must not take the unripe banana otherwise it will enhance the problem of stool hardening and bleeding from swollen piles tissues.

To recover from piles, it is always safe to take the ripe banana along with milk. Though it will contribute to increasing the size of the stool, it will hydrate the digestive system and help in passing the stool smoothly.

Q4. Is buttermilk good for piles?

Ans: Buttermilk can be a better option than milk and its products in relieving the symptoms of piles and constipation. Add ajwain and salt for better taste and relief from infection or inflammatory conditions. 

Q5. Can I drink Haldi milk in piles?

Ans: With the help of turmeric and milk, you can combat the symptoms of piles naturally. It will have a positive impact on the digestive system. It will detoxify and bring relief from swelling, itching and pain. That's how is milk good for piles and also during fissures.

Q6. Can we drink milk in fissure?

Ans: If you desire to take milk during fissure then do one or half a spoonful of turmeric powder. It will reduce the infection arising from wounds near the anus, detoxify the colon, and reduce inflammation.

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