Foods To Avoid In Piles

Foods To Avoid In Piles: Top 5 Foods To Avoid With Hemorrhoids

Piles occur when the person puts high pressure on the anal area to discharge stool, leading to swelling, inflammation, pain, and itching. Other reasons are less fiber and liquid in the diet, less water drinking, dehydration caused by alcohol, eating and working at odd hours, and sitting for long hours in the workplace or at home. Such factors will disturb the digestive metabolism and make your bowel movements irregular. And that will cause hardening of the stool, constipation, and swelling of the nerves. It is recommended to identify 5 foods to avoid with hemorrhoids. Because such foods cause:


We will be taking a look at those 5 hemorrhoids foods to avoid and also highlight other food ingredients that are enriched with fiber and other necessary nutrients.


Which are the 5 foods to avoid with hemorrhoids?


Which are the 5 foods to avoid with hemorrhoids

As we now know that the consumption of a low-fiber diet is one of the major causes behind the hardening of stool, constipation, and swelling of tissues in the inner or outer area of the anus, along with a burning sensation and irritation, let’s check out those low-fiber 5 foods to avoid with hemorrhoids:

    • Intake of tea, coffee or any caffeinated beverage and alcohol.
    • Spicy food is prepared in a microwave oven and with different processing techniques.
    • Milk products
    • Fried items and high-fat, sugary and salty food items.
    • Consumption of red meat.

Apart from knowing those 5 foods to avoid with hemorrhoids, it is necessary to check the causes of avoiding such foods:

1. Caffeinated Drinks


It is the excess of caffeine in coffee, tea and energy drinks that causes dehydration and hardens the stool. It becomes difficult to discharge the stool from the anal canal. And as a result, a person puts pressure on himself for stool discharge and suffers from swelling around the anal area along with bleeding or tearing of the anal lining. It is one of the hemorrhoid foods to avoid and gain control over constipation, piles and fissures.


2. Spicy and Processed Foods


With the increasing intake of spicy foods anything cooked in the microwave becomes difficult to digest. Such food items cause blockages and tightening in the intestines. As a result, it makes it difficult for the stool or poo to pass through. Such food items are often found in roadside restaurants. These food items may taste good but generate toxins in the intestines and cause irritation, bleeding and itching through the anal canal during stool discharge.


3. Dairy Products

Regular intake of milk, cheese and other dairy products does not make the person better. Such milk products cause disturbance in the stomach in the form of gas. Dairy products are indeed harmful foods to avoid with external hemorrhoids and internal also for managing constipation or any form of anal disorder. But then you can consume buttermilk and curd in moderate amounts to explain relief from stomach pain in the stomach. It helps in activating the bacteria to boost easy stool discharge.


4. Fatty, Sugary and Salty Matter


Unaware of the future consequences, we eat food from outside dhabas or restaurants enriched with fatty, sugary and salty items. These foods are cooked in unhygienic conditions and are loaded with harmful chemicals. After consuming these food items, we get into trouble with our stomachs by struggling with gas and bloating. Pakoras, samosas, vadas may suit the taste of your tongue but these fried items go inside and disturb the digestive system. Starch rich ingredients like maida, baking soda and potato used for preparing different deep fried items hardens the stool. Because food items do not have enough water content.


5. Red Meat

People often eat salami and sausages made from red meat and it does harden the stool. Red meat is not a soft meat like chicken and fish. It often becomes difficult to chew and eat the items. Once it reaches the intestine, it does not get digested so easily. It gets collected in the form of waste in the lower anal canal and the person has to face difficulty in discharging the stool. And so it is one of the 5 foods to avoid with hemorrhoids.


What is the Exact Diet for Hemorrhoids?


What is the Exact Diet for Hemorrhoids

It is very important to know the 5 foods to avoid with hemorrhoids. Now, it is necessary to find the exact dietary items which can help in regulating bowel movement and releasing the problems of constipation, internal and external hemorrhoids, fissures or any anal disease.

It is the discussion with the physician and dietitian which has helped to find the list of high fiber foods for hemorrhoids management:

    • Peas and other green leafy vegetables possess water and 3 to 4 gms of fiber to stimulate lubrication in the anal passage for poo discharge.
    • Wholegrains including oats, barley and brown rice are enriched with fiber and different health-revitalizing nutrients. Such insoluble fiber helps in pushing the stool outside the anus smoothly and brings relief from constipation.
    • Fruits like guava, berries and apples. Avoid eating bananas as much as possible. Especially the unripe one. Though it is rich in iron, it hardens stool and enhances the symptoms of hemorrhoids. It is good for treating diarrhea.
    • Drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water and consuming juices made from carrots and beetroot. Carrots and beetroot are rich in fiber and different nutrients to nourish your body. Also juices from different fruit extracts like papaya, pomegranates,
    • Mango and a variety of berries help in recovering from the toxins in the stomach, softening the stool and easing the passage of stool discharge.


Medicine for Hemorrhoids Removal or Treatment


Medicine for Hemorrhoids Removal or Treatment

It is Dr.Piles Free that you can buy to get recovered from all types of problems arising from the anal area.

The presence of herbs like kutaj, nag kesar, Tamra bhasma and vidanga in capsules, powder for oral purposes and oil for local application of this ayurvedic pack will help in:

    • Reducing the swollen hemorrhoids tissues in the lower anal canal or outside the anus.
    • Reducing burning sensation, irritation, itching or any form of discomfort.
    • Causing lubrication in the anal passage.
    • Easing the discharge of stool from the anus.
    • Reversing the problem of constipation. It softens the stool naturally.
    • It repairs the anal canal that gets torn apart due to the pressure of heavy stool discharge.
    • It does not cause any side effects.
    • And therefore it is the best ayurvedic medicine for piles and fissure.


How to use Dr.Piles Free capsules, powder and oil?


Capsules: Consume one capsule daily twice.

Powder: Use 3 grams of powder during the night.

Oil: Apply the oil smoothly in the affected area.


What Else Needs to be Done to Control Hemorrhoids?


What Else Needs to be Done to Control Hemorrhoids

    • Allow yourself for a sitz bath by sitting in the tub half filled with warm water at least twice a day. It would reduce pain, inflammation, and any form of discomfort arising from the swollen anal tissues. It will stop bleeding, heal the wound and reduce mental and physical stress.
    • Practice any form of physical exercise daily. But do not overstrain yourself.
    • Do not strain yourself in the toilet for stool discharge. Allow the stool to pass out naturally.
    • Do not hesitate or shy away from discussing the problem with your family members and doctor. There may be some more foods apart from 5 foods to avoid with hemorrhoids. The doctor will surely update you about the right diet and advise you on some lifestyle tips to avoid the problem of hemorrhoids. But you must avoid allopathic medication. You may suffer from side effects. Choosing ayurvedic medicine for recovery will bring healthy recovery results without causing any side effects.



Our digestive system will not work properly if we are not developing healthy food habits and not doing exercise regularly. Most of us suffer from constipation and piles on a regular basis. It is difficult to carry on with our studies and work if we do not discharge our bowels properly and at the right time. Ignoring it can harden the stool. Later, when we struggle to pass the stool, we suffer from inflammatory, itching, painful and swollen tissues. There is a need to control or even avoid starchy, salty and sugary fried foods, dairy products and red meat. With ayurvedic medicine for piles, you will attain faster recovery. This is how we can combat constipation and piles and stay healthy.




Q1. What Foods Help Clear Hemorrhoids?


Combination of soluble and insoluble fiber to reverse hemorrhoids are:

    • Have spinach, cabbage, or any leafy vegetables.
    • Lentils, peas and seeds.
    • Wholesome wheat, brown rice and oats.
    • Juices from fruit extracts of papaya, mango and guava.
    • Drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water.

You can get in touch with the doctor for more information concerning the appropriate diet for hemorrhoids.


Q2. What food shrinks hemorrhoids fast?


The following food items for shrinking the hemorrhoids faster are:


    • Broccoli
    • Beans, peas and lentils.
    • Grains and cereals enriched with brans.
    • Turnips or any form of root vegetables.
    • And drinking sufficient amounts of water.


Q3. What foods trigger hemorrhoids?


It is necessary for the majority of people to be cautious about the food items that trigger hemorrhoids:


    • Caffeine-enriched drinks.
    • Mutton and beef.
    • Ultra-processed food items like chips and pizza.
    • Milk products
    • Refined cereals and grains


Q4. What foods flare up hemorrhoids?


You should check with the given low-fiber diet items and these are:

    • White and refined rice.
    • Canned juices with synthetic flavors.
    • Red meat
    • Milk products.
    • Chips


Q5. What not to eat in case of hemorrhoids?


Let's know the top 5 foods to avoid with hemorrhoids:

    • Alcohol.
    • Fried and processed foods.
    • Mutton and beef.
    • Spicy
    • Any dairy products. But you can take curd in a medium amount.


Overall, avoid anything less in fiber and water to boost your healthy bowel movement.

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