A boy think Curd is good for piles Or hemorrhoids?

Curd is Good for Piles Or Hemorrhoids? What You Need to Know

What to eat in piles, it is a problem and also important to know. It becomes necessary to have balanced diet with nutrients and increase the quantity of fiber and liquid. Combination of fiber and liquid softens the stool and helps in treating constipation and hemorrhoids successfully.


Increasing the quantity of water and liquid products like extracts from fruits and green leafy vegetables and their juices and also soups can enhance fiber in your diet and help you overcome the problem of hardened stool and piles.

Many piles patient would also like to know whether curd is good for piles or not

It is the presence of lactic acid bacteria and non toxic microbes in the curd that works in the process of cleansing stomach and intestinal gut.

Stimulates in breakdown of the food and pushing it out through the anal passage.

It softens the stool and smoothens the anal area.

It increases stamina and strength in the body.

Many would confuse curd with yogurt and often they might run through another confusion that yogurt is good for piles or not. But firstly, it is necessary to understand the difference between the curd and yogurt.

Curd vs yogurt 

Main difference between the curd and yogurt exist in the process of making. 



Curd is prepared by adding one or half a spoonful of curd in the warm milk , mixing it and keeping it for at least four hours. Level of lactose is more in the curd than yogurt

Natural curd is white, unflavored and unsweetened.




It is made from two different types of live and non toxic bacteria in the industrial level. It is also the result of fermentation as curd but it is lighter than the curd. Lactose content is less in yogurt compared to curd but appears in different flavored and sweetened forms.


How yogurt or curd is good for piles than hot milk or any other dairy product ?


How yogurt or curd is good for piles than hot milk or any other dairy product

Except for curd or yogurt, rest of the dairy products like milk and paneer do not contain fiber.

Milk and paneer are heavier than curd or yogurt, cause slow digestion process and thus increase the possibilities of constipation and piles.


How curd is good for piles while blended with vegetables?


How curd is good for piles while blended with vegetables

Usually, curd is used in the process of dressing salads. It can go well with low fat and low calory vegetables like cucumber, broccoli and tomato.

It will not only serve as low carb diet, it will cleanse the stomach and boost intestinal gut.

But onion with curd for piles will not be effective because of the given factors:


Increasing heat generating effect of onion and cool effect of curd. 

It will increase pain and inflammation of the piles tissues and slow the digestion process. 

Combination may result in enhancing of swelling of piles tissues.

How curd is good for piles mixed with rice or any other cereal?


How curd is good for piles mixed with rice or any other cereal

To get the best results in form of smooth and fast digestion and easy stool discharge, you must take brown rice with curd.

It will serve as rich fiber diet. It will alter the problem of constipation and hemorrhoids and improve the quality of digestion without causing any side effects.

This is how curd rice is good for piles. But avoid white rice as much as possible. Otherwise, it can increase your constipation problem.

How curd is good for piles as buttermilk ?


How curd is good for piles as buttermilk

Compared to curd, buttermilk is less in lactose and high on boosting energy levels. It reverses the problems of irritable bowel syndrome. It smoothens the anal passage for stool discharge.

It detoxifies and cleanses the digestive system and heals colon cancer. And so, buttermilk is one of the effective diet for piles.

But then for your experience to know curd or buttermilk which one is better for piles, you can try with curd and buttermilk on each day.

Hemorrhoids or piles require immediate attention with medication, dietary alterations and changes in lifestyle. Otherwise, it can serious consequences in health in the later part of life like thrombosis and colon cancer.

It can affect anyone irrespective of age, gender and of any class. In fact, piles symptoms for male and female are similar and it includes inflammation, pain, itching and swelling of tissues along with hemorrhoids.

Even fissures cause lot of problems to a person in form of pain, discharge of pus and other similar symptoms like that of piles. 

It is the result of when the person finds difficulty in passing out the large and hard stool through the anal area. Exerting pressure for discharging the large and hard stool tears apart the muscles around the anus. 

Piles, fissures or any form of anal disorder cause low blood count and lowers your energy. It all begins when your stool hardens due to dehydration, poor fiber diet, alcoholism, nicotine abuse and consuming any form of drug.

It is required to focus on diet and that must be rich in wholegrain, juicy  and green leafy vegetables. 

It has been also explained about how moderate intake of curd is good for piles treatment and how it can nourish your body with different nutrients.

Overall, the five foods to avoid with hemorrhoids are:


    • Chips
    • Cheese 
    • Ice cream
    • Meat 
    • And anything prepared in microwave.

Medication for hemorrhoids : It is Dr.Piles Free. It is the best ayurvedic medicine for piles and hemorrhoids.  

How ?

  • It is ayurvedic blend of different revitalizing and rejuvenative herbs like kutaj, arshogna, nag kesar and haritaki.
  • It brings relief from pain, inflammation, itching and bleeding.
  • It reduces the piles tissues.
  • It softens the stool.
  • It does not cause any side effects.

Staying physically active and performing yoga and different exercises on a regular basis will help in moving the poo or stool outside the stool easily. As a result, it will help in strengthening the gut health and relieving from obesity.

Hence, such are the ways of overcoming the problem of piles, constipation or any form of anal disease without undergoing any expensive and risky surgery.

You can get in touch with SKinRange for consulting about treatment for piles or any other lifethreatening disease. You will definitely be guided accordingly.



Majority of us are often confused with choosing the appropriate food for recovering from piles and constipation.It is necessary to take more fiber and liquids during the stage of piles or hemorrhoids. There is also a confusion about whether the curd is good for piles or not.


Because, during the inflammatory and bleeding phase of hemorrhoids or constipation, dairy products can enhance the problem of piles. It can raise itching, inflammation and bleeding problems. But moderate consumptioon of curd can be effective in piles treatment.


It is due to the action of probioltics and low lactose in the curd which can help in cleansing the stomach and boosting immunity. Further, buttermilk is far lighter than curd in terms of lactose. It will be better option for the piles patient who is lactose intolerant. It is also necessary to note in regards to inappropriate food ingredients or combination during piles problem. 




Q1. Can I Eat Curd If I Am Suffering From Piles?


Ans: If you take curd in a moderate amount then it will definitely improve the process of digestion. Probiotics in the curd will enable the microrganizms in the intestines to work in the positive way and help you to pass the stool smoothly and easily.

But then you must take advice from the physician if in case you are suffering from prolapsed hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids for a long period of time. 

Q2. Can I Eat Curd In Fissure?

Ans: You can take curd during the fissures in moderate amount. For better results, you can drink buttermilk blended with carom seeds and salt. It does help in relieving from discomfort and constipation also.

Q3. Is Curd And Banana Good For Piles?

Ans: To know whether the curd is good for piles along with banana, you must add sugar in the curd along with banana. It must not be too soury to cause you acidity.

But make sure that you have this combination during the breakfast time to experience the best revitalizing effects.

It will regulate your bowel movement and help you get rid of constipation and piles.

Q4. Is Dairy Good For Piles?, Is Curd And Butter Milk Good For Piles?


Ans: Lactose rich dairy products trigger irritation in the anal area. 

Compared to milk and paneer, there is less amount of lactose in curd and buttermilk. Henceforth, it is safe to take curd or buttermilk in medium quantity.

However, it would be far better to take buttermilk. Because, it has far less lactose compared to curd.

Q5. Is Curd Good For Piles Patients?, Is Yogurt Good For Hemorrhoids?

Ans: Compared to paneer, low fat or high fat milk, there is less lactose in the curd and yogurt. 

But you should take it in low amount to experience the smooth digestion, stool softening and recovering from inflammation, pain and irritation in the anal area due to piles.

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