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How Effective are Mudras for PCOS? Follow the Steps and Benefits

As per ayurveda, pcos is the result of increase in pitta and kapha level and increases the level of toxicity in the plasma and blood. As per the analysis of modern science, cysts develop in the area of the ovary due to irregularity in periods.


As the size of the ovary grows bigger, it does cause release of androgen and estrogen. Such abnormal conditions in the body cause release of eggs and that makes the menstruation irregular.  Recovery is promising when you choose the ayurvedic way. That's what about the mudras for pcos


Allopathic and surgical options may stimulate ovulation, reduce weight and help in managing high blood sugar level yet :


    • Can cause relapse 
    • Increase side effects or physical complications.
    • Can be expensive.
    • There may not be a chance of full recovery of the problem. 


    On the contrary, ayurvedic treatment will heal the pcos problem from the root level and not cause any side effects.


    What are the Advantages of doing Mudras for PCOS?


    Hand mudras for PCOS - SKinrange

    Mudras are understood as the movement of the eyes, hands and body positions to facilitate energy throughout the body.

    Performing any hand mudra for pcos will help in : 


      • Regulating energy in the body and bringing relief from poor mental health. 
      • Further, you must allow yourself to sit in vajranasa or padmasana position to practice the mudras and gain control over PCOS.

      What are the Most Powerful Mudras for PCOS Treatment?


      Usha Mudra


      Usha Mudra for PCOS - SKinrange

      Almost everyone is familiar with this specific hand gesture which helps in:


        • Lowering fatigueness and sleepiness which you usually feel in the early morning hours. 
        • Regulating the estrogen and androgen levels in the females.
        • Lowering obesity.
        • Regulating menstruation.

        This is how Usha mudra for hormonal imbalance in females help. 


        Steps of practicing Usha mudra


          •  You will be clasping the hands together behind your scalp. 
          • Taking deep breaths several times.

          Vayu Mudra


          Vayu Mudra for PCOS - SKinrange

          The steps of practicing it are:


            • Fold your index finger towards your hand palm.
            • Keep pressing your thumb with the index finger .


            This hand mudra for pcos will :


              • Regulate the periods.
              • Balance hormones and
              • Reduce obesity.
              • Stimulate ojas and bring relief from stress.

              Gyan Mudra


              Gyan mudra for PCOS - SKinrange

              How to practice it ?


                • Sit in a meditative posture.
                • Keep your hands on both the knees with palms open.
                • Join the index and thumb fingers. 


              This yog mudra for pcos will :


                • It will stimulate pituitary glands in releasing hormones for managing periods.
                • Bringing relief from stress.
                • Control the development of cysts in the ovary.


              Prithvi Mudra


              Prithvi mudra for PCOS - SKinrange

              Another one of the popular mudras for pcos is prithvi, known for bringing excellent recovery results. 


              Steps of practicing Prithvi Mudra


                • Arranging yourself to sit in stress free way
                • Keep your hands on the thighs.
                • Either on one thigh or both the thighs, you can practice the posture by connecting the ring finger with the thumb finger.
                • Make sure that you keep pressing both the ring finger and thumb finger with each other


                Prthvi mudra will reverse pcos suffering by :


                  • It stimulates the flow of female reproductive hormones.
                  • Regulating the menses.
                  • Relieving from stress.

                Prana Mudra


                Prana Mudra for PCOS - SKinrange

                As one of the  revitalizing mudras for pcos, you can do prana anytime of the day.


                Steps of performing prana


                  • Sitting in a relaxed position.
                  • Keeping your hands straight with palms open.
                  • Join the thumb finger, ring finger and little finger at the tips.
                  • Pressing them at the tips together.

                  Benefits of this hand mudra for curing pcos


                    • Easy to perform like the rest of the above mentioned mudras.
                    • Take deep breath and 
                    • Relax and calm down your mind.


                  Linga Mudra


                  Linga mudra for PCOS - SKinrange

                  A certified yoga trainer may also suggest you to do linga mudra with your two hands. It is also one of the purposeful mudras for pcos.


                  Method of performing linga mudra


                    • Standing or sitting in a meditative posture.
                    • Joining and clasping the fingers apart from raising the left thumb and encircling with the right thumb and right index finger.
                    • Taking a deep breathe
                    • Need to practice after every 20 minutes.


                    Advantages of performing this mudra


                      • Facilitate warmth in the body
                      • Lower down the elevated kapha dosha.
                      • Normalize the blood pressure and regulate the menstrual cycle.
                      • Bring relief from stress and obesity.


                      What’s Other than Mudras for PCOS?


                      For further information of mudras for pcos, you can take guidance from any 

                      ayurvedic yoga expert. There is a need to check the release of excess male hormones that result in ovulation disorders and causing PCOS.


                      Ayush for Women is made from rejuvenating and anti-aging properties rich herbs like ashoka, nirgundi, lodhra, salai guggal and aloe vera, etc.With the daily intake of capsules of this ayurvedic product, you can experience recovery in following ways:


                        • Controlling menstrual cramps.
                        • Reducing abdominal and back pain.
                        • Balancing female hormones in the body.
                        • Regulating menstrual bleeding and controlling excess bleeding from the uterus
                        • Not causing any side effects.


                        Consulting any ayurvedic physicians will help to find the specific food items to heal your infertility conditions by determining your prakriti.


                        A balanced meal with a combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals will definitely stimulate the reproductive organs of females, help them to bear babies naturally, boost healthy growth of the fetus and post pregnancy period. So apart from practicing mudras for pcos, you can include following food items for managing menstrual cramps and irregularity in periods:


                          • Conjugated and iodinated proteins : Seeds, pulses, wholegrain cereals, egg, fish and chicken
                          • Unsaturated fats: Walnuts, peanuts, raisins and cashews.
                          • Low glycemic and fiber rich diet : Black grams, brown rice, oatmeal and green leafy vegetables.
                          • Colorful antioxidant fruits : Blueberries, blackberries, cherries, strawberries, papaya and red grapes will lower the menstrual cramps, high blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

                        To gain energy and nutrients in the body, you must make sure to combine the vitamins , proteins with carbohydrates and fats in an appropriate way. 


                        In these ways, you can conquer the PCOD issues and stay away from modern fertility or IVF treatment for becoming pregnant.



                        PCOS relates to irregular and painful periods followed with cramps and development of cysts in the ovary. There is no exact cure for this disease or condition which actually deprives any female to become pregnant naturally.


                        However, different hand gestures or mudras for pcos can bring chances of relief from infertility by regulating the periods, balancing reproductive hormones and reducing obesity. Further, incorporating a balanced diet rich in the combination of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and different minerals will surely show excellent revitalizing results. 



                        FAQ about mudra for PCOS - SKinrange

                        Q1. Which mudra is good for PCOS?


                        Ans: There are different mudras for pcos management. You can choose any mudra as per your comfort of your body and mind.

                        You can practice vayu mudra by bending your index finger towards the thumb and pressing it with the thumb of any hand several times a day.


                        Q2. Which mudra is best for hormonal imbalance?


                        Ans: One of the simple yoga mudras for pcos management is usha. All you need to do is join both the hands together and clasping the fingers of both hands together behind your scalp. You need to practice it by lying down on your back and keeping clapsed hands behind and taking deep breaths several times. You can continue for the next 20 minutes before you actually get up from the bed in the early morning hours. 

                        This mudra will regulate your menstrual cycle and reproductive hormonal balance. 


                        Q3. Can PCOD be cured with yoga?


                        Ans: Yoga cannot claim to cure pcod, yet there are simple hand mudras that can surely lower its symptoms.

                        Different forms of hand mudras as part of yoga show healthy transformation of female body which is under the influence of:

                          • Menstrual cramps.
                          • Irregularity in periods.
                          • High blood sugar and obesity.
                          • Hormonal imabalance.

                          You can practice yoni mudra by bending the last three fingers towards their respective palms of each hand. And then connecting index fingers with one another and two thumbs together.

                          Most popular yoga asana is surya namaskar for managing menstrual cycle, weight loss and for gaining flexibility. 

                          Q4. Which mudra is best for PCOS?


                          Ans: As per the guidance of any yoga practitioner, you can select to do specific hand mudra for pcos management and gaining reproductive benefits.

                          Most simple and effective is vayu mudra for pcos. You can do it by opening your hand and bending the index finger towards the palm and pressing the index finger with the thumb finger for excellent recovery results. 

                          Q5. Which mudra for hormone imbalance?


                          Ans: Either you can choose vayu mudra, usha mudra or prithvi mudra for hormonal imbalance. For further information, you can get in touch with the yoga expert.

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