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M9 Shampoo | Ayurvedic Hair Colour Shampoo for Men & Women | Instant Hair Color | Best Herbal Hair Dye Shampoo in India | Ayurvedic Hair Colour for White Hair

M9 Shampoo | Ayurvedic Hair Colour Shampoo for Men & Women | Instant Hair Color | Best Herbal Hair Dye Shampoo in India | Ayurvedic Hair Colour for White Hair

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  • Ammonia Free Hair Color Shampoo
  • Enriched with Noni, Aloe and Olive Extracts
  • Gives Shine & Smoothness, Reduces Frizziness
  • Makes Hair Appear Voluminous & Supple
  • Restores Natural Black Hair in Just 5 Minutes
  • Soothing Fragrance with No Tear Formula

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M9 Shampoo is considered the best ayurvedic hair color shampoo in India with no ammonia and other harmful chemicals. It is enriched with noni extract and is a non-drip formula. It is a unisex product which can be used by both men and women, who want to color their hair instantly. 

M9 Hair Colour Shampoo is formulated by blending various herbal essences to nourish the hair. It contains noni-extracts which have anti-aging effects according to ancient Ayurveda. When used externally, noni-extract slows down the graying of hair and helps prevent hair loss. 

Natural ingredients present in M9 hair color shampoo combined with hair health enhancing compounds not only restores the original color of hair but also prevents and reduces graying of hair and premature whitening of hair.

Noni, Aloe and Olive extracts present in this shampoo for hair color also improves the circulation of blood in your scalp, restoring natural, shiny, and smooth hair that gives you an attractive look, style and confidence. 

This instant hair color shampoo is effective for head, mustache, beard, chest, and arms hair. 

Moreover, it contains effective and natural ingredients along with noni like- Aloe, Olive oil.

For us quality matters, that is why it is prepared in a state of the art facility certified by GMP and ISO.

Product: M9 Hair Color Shampoo

Color: Natural Black

Used For: Coloring Gray Hairs

Gender: Unisex

Net Weight: 400 ml

Price: ₹2199.00

Side Effects: Not Proven


  • The M9 Hair Color Shampoo pack contains combo of colorant and developer shampoo
  • Pump out the required amount of each shampoo in your hands
  • Mix both shampoos well in your hands
  • Make sure your hair is clean and dry before use
  • Rub hair shampoo on the hair you want to color
  • Wash your hands with soap within 3 minutes
  • Leave the shampoo on the hair for about 5 minutes
  • Wash your hair thoroughly with water
  • Do not use chemical based products to wash your hair

Gloves need to be used only while doing the allergy test. In case of no allergy, it is safe to use the hair color shampoo with your bare hands as prescribed in the box or in the instructions booklet.

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Is shampoo hair colour safe?

M9 Hair Color Shampoo is made using extracts from indigenous herbs and harmless compounds that color your hair naturally. Noni, Olive and Aloe extracts in this shampoo support hair health and foster healthy hair growth and reduce frizziness and dullness. You should also refer to the label. Before using this color shampoo, take the skin sensitivity test to identify whether your skin is allergic or sensitive to the compounds present in this shampoo.

Does color shampoo work?

This hair color shampoo restores the natural black color of shampoo in just 5 minutes.

What are the side effects of hair coloring?

Side effects may include skin irritation, dryness and frizziness if used excessively. Do take the skin allergy test before using M9 shampoo as mentioned in the label before usage.

Can you use colour shampoo everyday?

No, this shampoo shouldn’t be used everyday as it may lead to dryness or over a long period of time may result in hair loss and frizziness.

Which is the best hair colour shampoo in India?

M9 is considered the best hair color shampoo in India. It contains extracts of ayurvedic herbs like noni, olive and aloe for hair nourishment and hair health.

Is hair color shampoo better than hair dye?

Most hair color shampoos use native herbs and contain fewer chemicals, whereas most hair dyes use harmful chemicals. Moreover, the dye’s color goes inside the hair while the shampoo remains on the surface and colors the hair. Hair dye can damage your hair and also weaken it.

Do I really need color shampoo?

If you notice premature graying and whitening of hair and want to fix it instantly, you can use this hair color shampoo. The ayurvedic herbs like noni, aloe and olive extracts present in this shampoo ensure that your hair remains well nourished and undamaged even after using hair color shampoo.

What is the price of M9 hair color?

The price of m9 hair color shampoo is ₹ 1,799.00 for 1 year pack.