Shankhpushpi Benefits For Health

Shankhpushpi Benefits For Health: Side Effects, Uses and More

What is Shankhpushpi?

It is a flower used in Ayurveda for preparing herbal decoctions to manage different brain disorders. This flower with medicinal properties is named Shankhpushpi, inspired by its shape like a conch or shankh. Its tonic will serve as a memory-boosting agent.

Let’s find out how Shankhpushpi benefits health apart from being a brain tonic.

Ayurvedic of Shankhpushpi 

  • As per the findings of Shankhpushpi in the Ayurvedic way, it bestows good health and fortune. Each part of the plant is naturally capable of treating a series of physical and mental disorders. It boosts a healthy life span, and that’s how the word Mangalakusuma has been inspired.
  • Balances Vata and Kapha doshas.
  • It has an element of bitterness and therefore tastes tikta.
  • Possesses elements of oiliness and stickiness.
  • Has the potency of a natural glue by merging the components of the body.

Shankhpushpi Benefits for Health

The effect of Shankhpushpi is simply magical for anyone who uses it regularly. Medicinal Shankhpushpi uses have been shared below:

Improves Memory

When the neurons in the brain get inactive, the person suffers miserably from different psychological disorders. One of the major losses he faces is the loss of memory.

As one of the major Shankhpushpi benefits found, it would help in recovering memory by reactivating the brain cells. It would further resolve this by stimulating cognitive abilities.

It Helps to Manage Stress

Working in the office with the computer, preparing for the next day's exams, followed by learning and memorizing, one loses stamina and suffers from fatigue.

Shankhpushpi benefits by enhancing the brain's capacity and helping improve concentration. Mixing Shankhpushpi with water would revitalize the brain cells and help in making them active and quick in responding to problems.

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Lower the Risk of Epilepsy

Epilepsy arises in the brain due to abnormalities in its nerves, which might lead to paralysis and other forms of disability, followed by a risk of life loss. One of the significant Shankhpushpi uses lies in preventing seizure attacks and maintaining the stability of the brain.

Shankhpushpi excels further in preventing neural diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Improves Digestion

Eating food improperly can give rise to different stomach disorders and constipation. Proper dosage of Shankhpushpi improves digestion by increasing the potency of digestion and aiding in the absorption of nutrients from food.

It causes lubrication in the anal passage and helps in passing the stool without causing any health complications, like any allopathic medicine.

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Enhances Cardiac Functioning

Shankhpushpi benefits anyone who is suffering from any form of heart disorder. A suitable dosage of Shankhpushpi would aid in removing the blockage from the blood vessels connected to the heart.

Biocomponents like ethanolic extract present in Shankhpushpi minimize the toxic chemicals accumulated in the blood vessels and thus bring relief from heart attack or stroke. Before you take any Shankhpuspi herb with any other allopathic medicine, you should consult your cardiologist.

Manages Gastrointestinal Disorders

A lack of fiber, antidiarrheal medications, and increasing sensitivity in the organs connected to the GI tract would make the person ill and suffer from poor gastrointestinal conditions. There is a risk of experiencing pain and discomfort leading to ulcers, anal fissures, colitis, and any form of cancer if antidepressant medicines, iron pills, and narcotics are taken.

Using Shankhpushpi would enable reversing the problems arising in the GI tract. Its laxative properties will ease digestion and help in passing the stool without causing any pain, strain, or inflammatory conditions in the abdomen and anal canal.

It has been proven with studies that the glycoprotein substance present in Shankhpushpi would reverse mild to severe forms of ulcers in the stomach.

Enhances Skin Health

When the skin comes into contact with the toxic matter, it suffers severely from different types of infections or diseases. It may be psoriasis, eczema, acne, sunburn, etc.

If you can use Shankhpushpi tonic, then you will find remarkable transformations in your skin. It will nurture your skin from within and help generate a natural glow. It will help in recovering from antiaging signs, which are like dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, etc.

One of the effective methods Shankhpushpi uses is blending one tablespoon of Shankhpushpi powder with honey and applying it to the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will disappear, making the face look younger and more radiant.

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Effective in Managing Blood Pressure

It has been observed that Shankhpushpi does have a destressing effect on any person who has the problem of high blood pressure. Otherwise, high blood pressure causes contraction of the arteries.

It lowers the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart and gives rise to heart disease. The heart, under the influence of high BP, struggles to supply blood to other parts of the body.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Shankhpushpi would ease the tension in the blood vessels and normalize the circulatory system.

Improves Cognitive Functioning

It enables the mental abilities of any person who struggles to learn, comprehend, and plan. Under the influence of addiction, one loses control over his or her cognitive abilities and responds with delay or simply goes without responding.

It is the impact of the antioxidants and flavonoids in Shankhpushpi that helps the person think abstractly.

Prevents Headache

Shankhpushpi has relaxant and anti-depressant properties to soothe nerves connecting to the brain and bring relief from depression and anxiety. It is the best medicine for someone who is experiencing a hangover problem.

The pain-relieving properties of Shankhpushpi revitalize the brain nerves and thereby help to relieve headaches. There would not be a requirement to take any over-the-counter medications that may have mild to severe side effects.

How do I use Shankhpushpi?

Depending on the individual’s needs and formulations, Shankhpushpi is prescribed. Ways of using Shankhpushpi are given below:

Powder form

You can use 1 to 3 grams of powder with water, milk, or simply any juice. However, avoid using caffeine-based beverages.

Capsules or tablets

Depending on the concentration of Shankhpushpi in the tablet or capsule, one can orally consume it after the meal for the best recovery effects.

Liquid extracts or tinctures

You will be using it in the form of drops with or without water. The number of drops may vary as per your health requirements.

Herbal tea

You can administer 1 to 2 tablespoons of herbal tea powder into boiling water and add honey and lemon for better taste. Drink it one to two times a day.

Side effects of Shankhpushpi

Overuse of any medicine, be it herbal or allopathic, can have different side effects, not excluding Shankhpushpi.

Salient side effects noted during the excessive use of Shankhpushpi:

  • If consumed on an empty stomach, Shankhpushpi will cause problems like bloating of the stomach, followed by nausea and vomiting.
  • Raising allergic reactions like rashes, itching, swelling, and also difficulty breathing.
  • Blending with other medications might pose various health risks. 
  • Might not be safe while breastfeeding or during the period of pregnancy.
  • Should not be taken while driving or executing any heavy machinery commands.
  • Regular use can cause low blood pressure and raise toxicity in the body.

Henceforth, you will be able to gain the best of Shankhpushpi benefits when you use it moderately and as per the guidelines given by any Ayurvedic health expert.


Shankhpushpi, a flower in Ayurveda, is used in herbal decoctions to manage brain disorders and improve memory, stress, digestion, and cognitive functioning.The right dose, with the consultation of a doctor, can increase your overall health. Please be asked before taking shakhpushpi if you have any prior health conditions.

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