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Erectile Dysfunction Test | At-Home

Erectile Dysfunction Test | At-Home

get an accurate diagnosis & customised treatment for ed

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Erectile Dysfunction Test


8 tests - complete blood count (CBC) | liver function test (LFT) | kidney function test (KFT/RFT) | lipid profile | total testosterone test | total HBA1C - glycated hemoglobin | thyroid profile (TSH, T3, T4) | urine complete examination

Test Details

  • know the severity of ED
  • find the root causes
  • personalised treatment plan

sample typeblood testtest included8 testsreports24-48 hoursfasting10-12 hoursgendermaleserviceat-home visitage range21+ years


  • report generation within 24-48 hours
  • cash on delivery available (cod)
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What is erectile dysfunction test?

ED test is a diagnostic approach to find the causes of ED through a blood test, which can aid in evaluating the levels of hormones such as testosterone, prolactin, and luteinizing hormone (LH), all of which play a crucial role in sexual function.

with the help of this test, conditions related to kidney, liver function, anemia, and other underlying hormonal imbalances can also be detected, which could have been the reasons for developing ED.

Test & Parameters

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

absolute basophil count,hemoglobin hb count,absolute monocytes count,MCV - mean corpuscular volume,absolute lymphocytes count,MCHC - mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration,RBC count,RDW- red cell distribution width,absolute eosinophil count,MCH - mean corpuscular hemoglobin,absolute neutrophil count,PCV - packed-cell volume (Haematocrit test)

Liver Function Test (LFT)

alkaline phosphatase,bilirubin (direct indirect & total) ,gamma glutamyl transferase,serum globulin,serum albumin,serum albumin/globulin ratio,protein – total,aspartate aminotransferase (SGPT or ALT),alanine transaminase (SGOT or AST)

Kidney Function Test (KFT/RFT)

blood urea nitrogen,serum urea,serum creatinine,phosphorus,inorganic serum,serum uric acid - serum,serum calcium,serum chloride,serum potassium,plasma

Lipid Profile

total cholesterol,serum CHOL/HDL ratio,HDL cholesterol direct,non-HDL cholesterol,serum triglycerides,serum VLDL cholesterol.

Total Testosterone Test

testosterone total

Total HBA1C - Glycated Hemoglobin

total HBA1C - glycated hemoglobin

Thyroid Profile (TSH, T3, T4)

thyroid profile (TSH, T3, T4)

Urine Complete Examination

bacteria,urine bilirubin,blood cast,colour,crystals,epithelial cells,leucocytes,esterase,nitrate,urine ph,urine protein,pus cells,red blood cells,specific gravity,sugar,transparency,urine ketones,urobilinogen,yeast cells
  • when is this test recommended?

    If you are experiencing ongoing erectile dysfunction and are unable to achieve satisfactory sexual performance due to lifestyle habits like drinking-smoking, stress, or physical strain, a test is required in order to determine the extent of erectile dysfunction and its causes.

  • what will you find out?

    You will find out the real and hidden causes for your ED, though they may appear very subtle in nature. you will also be able to find out the best treatment according to the severity of your ED.

  • How often should you take the test?

    The time gap between testing for ED varies depending on the individual person, degree of symptoms, and the doctor's recommendation. generally, it is recommended to repeat the test after a few weeks.

  • Why erectile dysfunction test from SKinRange?

    kindly health brings you India's 1st at-home ED test with its state-of-the-art diagnostic science, backed by apollo hospital and reviewed by top andrologists.

    97% of our customers have seen improvements after duly following the consultation and medication for at least 6 months.

  • Certified Labs

  • Discreet Packaging

  • At Home Collection

  • Secure Data


Do I have to go to a lab?

no, all our tests are done from the comfort of your home and you don't have to step out to get started.

When will I receive the report ?

you will received a detailed report within 24-48 hours of sample collection.

Will a doctor check my report ?

yes, your report will be reviewed by kindly's doctor and will have the approving doctor's credentials and signature

Where will you send my report ?

the report will be sent through whatsapp on your registered mobile number

  • Akash Jaiswal

    I was very hesitant to go to the labs and give a test for erectile dysfunction. booking it online with kindly his was so much more convenient. i didn't have to deal with judgemental people. safe experience.

  • Jairaj Ahlawat

    "I saw that I was not alone. There was a solution to this. It gave me hope."

  • Anshu Gupta

    I was completely unaware of the procedure and this being my first time, i was really nervous. the staff were very patient with my queries and kept me updated about the package and the results. i would definitely recommend to others.